Sports of all kinds have been played on the historic Wanderers Grounds since the 1880s but none more exciting than the newest talk of the town – the hometown Halifax Wanderers FC of the Canadian Premier League!

This new chapter of professional sports in Halifax is not only exciting for soccer fans, but for sports fans in general of all ages, who love the fun of competition! The action is thrilling, the fans are wholehearted and the atmosphere is electrifying. It’s been a long 28 years since the days of the Nova Scotia Clippers, the last time we saw professional soccer in town, and the Wanderers bring new life to the excitement of the game. The Wanderers are truly a hometown team with the majority of their players calling Canada home.

Photo: JS Dinham

We had the opportunity to attend the Wanderers game at home on July 6th. Our family loves sport but was unsure of how the game would capture the attention of our two younger fans who are 5 and 6 years old. Let’s say, we arrived as a family who were looking for a new experience and adventure. We left as four of the biggest fans in the park with our daughters already talking about their favourite players and when we could come back for another game! Of course, Akeem Garcia was on the top of their list of favourites, being the lone goal scorer that gave Halifax the victory over York9 FC on that sunny Saturday afternoon. Did I mention the FREE sunglasses that the team was giving out at the gate? As my kids said… “Best.Day.Ever!”


Photo: JS Dinham

Along with the entertainment of the game, the Wanderers bring to Halifax their commitment to both the community and the fans. The philosophy of the organization includes ‘a deep commitment to community integration‘ with a focus on conveying ‘sports is about having fun‘. Attending football matches in Halifax is about ‘escaping the ordinary‘, in a safe haven to be yourself and have a good time.

Make a day of it and join in the traditional ‘March to the Match‘ with your fellow supporters as you celebrate in unison and in song on your walk to the game!

The Wanderers provides a selection of different seating options and ticket prices, allowing for more affordability to bring the whole family along to join in the fun. The main stands are a great place for younger kids to enjoy all the action with a great view of the field but Halifax has been known to host a good kitchen party or two and ‘The Kitchen’ at the Wanderers Grounds is where you want to be for a flag-waving, foot-stompin’ hootenanny! The only person possibly not having a good time is the opposing team’s keeper as they endure the endearing banter from the Halifax fans. Don’t forget the bring your cheers and jeers!

Halifax WanderersThere may… possibly… have been just one ‘player’ that stood out for my kids a little bit above the rest… Rover, the playful pup, is the official mascot of the Halifax Wanderers. He even has a special handshake that he shows all of his friends. Go meet him to get in the know!


Photo: JS Dinham

The Wanderers season is split into two parts, the Spring Season and the Fall Season. The Spring Season wrapped up with our Wanderers securing a very respectable 2 wins and 2 losses. The Fall Season is currently underway with three home games left at the Wanderers Grounds. There are still some tickets available for the remaining games – check them out for an afternoon of family fun! Go, Wanderers!

Halifax Wanderers FC

Where: Wanderers Grounds
Address: Summer Street, Halifax

Sue Dinham is a Halifax-based writer. She was a guest of Halifax Wanderers FC.