Saskatoon is full of amazing kid’s books by amazing local authors. I’m a big reader and writer. I love book stores, and I love the library. I have way too many books at home, and my son is no different. He can’t quite read on his own, but he loves sitting down and reading all the books. We enjoy all books new and old and have found lots of books in our hunt for Saskatoon’s Free Little Libraries. Recently, I’ve been trying to read books by local authors to my son. So I went on the hunt! I’ve asked people who their favourite local authors are, and I’ve picked some of my son’s favourites. Saskatoon is full of talent, and we have a full list of wonderful authors and kid’s books for you to check out! As always, this will include Saskatoon and area far and wide. There is no way I can name all of the books and authors, but believe me, Saskatchewan has a lot!

Books by Local Saskatoon Authors

1| Alice Kuipers 

Not only is she a great writer, but she is a wonderful person! I’ve taken a couple of writing courses from her, and have loved meeting her. She writes both YA books and kid’s books. I’ve read some of her young adult novels and really liked them, and my son has one of her books as well. Check her out for your young readers. I promise you they will love them – so will you. She also has a well-loved series called Polly Diamond.


2| Julie and the Monster in the Sea by Gwendolyn Burko

In this book, you can jump into an underwater adventure with a young girl named Julie. The author, Gwendolyn Burko is a farmer, a wife and a mother. She lives in a small town in central Saskatchewan.

3| Margy Reid

Margy Reid writes books for all ages and is highly recommended by so many people. We have one of her books, and we love it! Your little ones will love reading her books


3| Dianne Young

Dianne Young has so many fans: young and old! She has books for younger kids, chapter books for those learning to read, and even some for adults! She definitely got the most votes when I asked people who their favourite local author was.

4| Lois Simmie

Lois Simmie is another local artist that writes for both adults and children!

5| Julie Thorpe

She is the author and illustrator of The Sock Princess. 

6| Amber Antymniuk

Amber Antymniuk is the writer and illustrator for H is for Home – A Saskatchewan Alphabet. I actually just got this book for my son this Easter, and he loves learning more about Saskatchewan through the alphabet.


7| Judy Bird

She is located in Regina and is the author of two kid’s books about Domino the bloodhound puppy.

8| Laura Lawrence

Laura Lawrence wrote Lilly’s Loud Mouth. It’s a book to inspire all ages with a message to use your voice.

9| Kristin Pierce

She writes amazing children’s books. She is the founder of Inner Compass books and has created them to empower your little one. I know a lot of people who have these books for their little ones.

10| Arthur Slade

Arthur Slade is the author of 25 novels for young readers. He writes young adult and middle-grade fiction.

11| Dave Glaze

Dave Glaze is the author of Pelly. It’s a book written for 8 to 11 year-olds about a young heroine that befriends a pelican.

12| Mary Harelkin Bishop

If your young one is interested in the Moose Jaw Tunnels (who isn’t?), check out these time-travel books that follow a pre-teen heroine.

13| Caitlin Nickel

Caitlin Nickel is a local author with 3 kids’ books. She’s definitely worth checking out!

14| Erica Pellerin and Jennifer Plesa

I Love my Motter is an adorable book that both you and your little one will love. My son and I both enjoy it.


15| Gabriel Dumont Institute

I’ve linked to the Gabriel Dumont Institue book section because it’s more than one book and more than one local author, and worth checking out! Children’s books (of all ages) are a great way to ready about Metis culture and learn about the history! They have books for adults as well.

16| Cort Dogniez

This book is also available through the Gabriel Dumont Institute, and is written by somebody I know well! I was really excited to learn about his book Road to La Prairie Ronde, and I can’t wait to read it.

17| Judith Silverthorne

Judith Silverthorne’s books are for adults and children. She is an author of a YA novel, an all-ages picture book, non-fiction adult books, and she has several juvenile novel series.

18| Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis writes children’s books and beginner reader books. She’s located in Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan.

19| Brenda Mintzler

Brenda Mintzler writes about Felix the cat. These books are inspired by a real Felix the cat!

20| Kerry Sather

Kerry Sather is the author of Bee Yourself. Pick up this book and let your kids learn from a little bumblebee!


This city and the entire province have so many amazing authors of books for all ages. This is just a start, but make sure to check out the local book section in your bookstore. You can find many of these books at the library as well! Happy reading and keep enjoying our local Saskatoon authors.