This weekend, I discovered some true hidden treasures: Saskatoon’s Free Little Libraries. I love reading. I love libraries and bookstores. My son is growing up with books surrounding him. He has so many books and loves being read to. I have so many books as well. I started thinking about Free Little Libraries the other day. I stopped at one in Ontario a few years ago while camping, and have been intrigued with the idea ever since. I spoke to my son about trading his books. It’s really hard for him to get rid of toys or books, but I convinced him to let me collect a few so we could trade them. I had a lot to get rid of, and I chose about ten of his books. He went through it later and took a few back. We spent three hours driving around while it snowed to find some of the Free Little Libraries that Saskatoon has to offer. There’s a list of registered Free Little Libraries, but I’ve also had people tell me about others. I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, but I can add them if I discover more. It was a fun afternoon, and my son was really happy to get more books. He was happy to give some away to trade. I got rid of a lot of books, but I still have a whole box to drop off as I find the rest of the Free Little Library Locations. I hope you enjoy the list and make sure to visit any that are in your area! Some of these have the full address, and others you get to look for as you drive around the street! My son has gotten very good at finding them.

Saskatoon’s Free Little Library Locations


  1. Little Free Library on Pinder Crescent: 26 Pinder Crescent Little Free Library On Pindor Facebook Page

Brevoort Park

  1. McLellan Ave
  2. The corner of 7th St and Preston Ave

Buena Vista

  1. 422 7th Street East
  2. Momo’s Library: 517 2 Street East

Caswell Hill

  1. Avenue E North near 25th Street
  2. Anguished Athenaeum: Avenue D

City Park

Read Saskatoon

  1. 4th Avenue near Princess Street
  2. Read Saskatoon: #2- 706 Duchess Street

College Park

  1. 18 Rawson Crescent
  2. 300 Simon Fraser Crescent

College Park East

  1. Degeer Cres
  2. Trent Cres
  3. 10 Arnason Cres
  4. 234 Laurentian Drive (this one is Star Wars inspired!)


  1. East drive near Preston Ave S
  2. Check out The Bear Country School library for kid’s books at 2355 Easthill!


  1. Evergreen Free Little Library – near Pohorecky Street

Greystone Heights

  1. 45 Weir Cres
  2. And there is another one on the other side of Weir Crescent!

Grosvenor Park

  1. Cubby’s Little Free Library: 512 Lake Crescent


  1. The YXE Book Gallery: 1016, 2nd St E
  2. Little Free Library: 915 6th Street


  1. Preston on the West-side after Guppy St.


  1. 1500 block of 1st Ave N


Free Little Library

The Hockey Hut

  1. The Hockey Hut: 723 Emmeline Cove
  2. Swan Crescent: It’s high up and attached to a fence next to the mailbox.



  1. Corner of Delaronde and Kingsmere
  2. Coldspring Cres
  3. Crean Cres

Lawson Heights

  1. Candle Cres
  2. 107 Tobin Cres
  3. Redberry Road


  1. 1st Ave N (It’s not in Saskatoon, but close)

Massey Place

33rd Street

  1. 33rd Street and Marlborough


Mayfair Chuch

  1. Mayfair United Church on 33rd


  1. Corner of Lancaster Blvd and Caen Street


  1. Cheyenne and Thomas’ Free Library
  2. 1521 Empress Ave


  1. Little Free Library: 419 10th Street East
  2. 702 14 th. St. E
  3. Nutana library: 819 -10th st E
  4. 904 – 10th Street East
  5. Corner of University and Clarence
  6. Corner of University and 17th st e.
  7. One across from D’lish on Albert St.
  8. 2 on 12th Street. One on each side of Wiggins
  9. Victoria School


  1. Arrand Cres

Richmond Heights: 

  1. Little Free Library on Alexandra
  2. Alexandra Ave
  3. Rupert drive
  4. Hazen street

River Heights

  1. Pembina Ave
  2. St Lawrence Cres


  1. Kim’s Community Library
  2. 554 Gillies Cove

Silverwood Heights

  1. Stechishin Cres
  2. Rowels Rd
  3. Kindrachuk Cres


  1. Little Free Library: 127 Blackstock Cove


  1. Rutherford Way

Varsity View

  1. 1136 Temperance St.
  2. 1217 14th St East
  3. 1329 14th St. E.


Bence Cres

  1. Bence Crescent: it’s on the side closest to Ave Y N
  2. Byers Crescent


  1. Parkdale Road



Don’t forget to add your books to 1000 Books Before Kindergarten with Saskatoon Public Library.

You can find the registered Free little Library here.