My son and I finally had our first of our fall corn maze adventures last weekend. We took the trip out to Youth Farm Corn Maze to have a day of adventure and fun. We make sure to go every season (if we’re lucky we visit more than once!) On this trip, we spent a lot of time just getting lost in the mazes. All the fun activities are available again this year (and more) but we didn’t have time to do it all so I’m including photos from past years as well.

A Favourite Youth Farm Activity

Our first stop was (and is always) the go-karts. This year, I decided to try them out as well. We had a blast and I only ran into the tires a couple of times.

Corn Mazes and Goats

My son headed straight for the big corn maze after the go-karts. We saw a goat at the exit and knew it was a good sign. After a little chat with the goat, we headed to the entrance. Here’s what we discovered as we wandered around that amazing and big corn maze: we should have bought some mini-donuts for the walk. Luckily, we did have water. We did A LOT of circles and saw the same emergency exit about 10 times before we finally decided to exit and try again after we had a snack. We weren’t giving up, just taking a break.

Pumpkin Barn

Our next stop was the Pumpkin Barn for some mini donuts (and some photo opportunities!) We picked up a candy apple, mini donuts, and some feed for the animals. The apple and donuts were delicious and the animals seemed to enjoy their snacks as well. We loved wandering around the barn to check out the decor.

Farm Friends

We can’t stop at the farm without talking to the animals. This one was my favourite. For reasons I’m not sure of, my son loves the chickens the most. He can sit and watch them all day.

Corn Pit

My son could not do anything until he tried out the corn pit. All the kids in the pit seemed to be having a good time. My kiddo dug a hole, tried to bury himself (but not his head) in corn and he did corn-angels. Our next stop was to conquer the corn maze, and that gave him some extra time to jiggle the extra corn out. You kids need to dance extra well to get all the corn out, we ended up bringing them home with us as well.

Small Stalk Entrance. Time to try again!

My son didn’t forget about the corn maze. We had to try again. This time we chose the smaller one and if I’m being completely honest, I think we may be much better at the smaller ones. Although I must admit there was a moment when I was concerned we were still going to be stuck in that one forever as well.


It was a wonderful moment when we made our way out the correct exit! This is what makes us keep coming back. The exhilarating feeling of making it out of a corn maze.

Wall Climbing – Taken 2022

The climbing wall is a favourite of many. They had a line-up full of excited families ready to race to the top.

Slides – Taken in 2022

The slides are back for the second year at Youth Farm Corn Maze and it appears to be a hit for all of the kids.

corn maze adventures

Jumbo Pillow – taken in 2021

My son and I LOVE the Jumbo Pillow. Is there anything more fun than jumping on an inflatable pillow?

Photo Ops Everywhere!

As always, we had a wonderful time at Youth Farm Corn Maze. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been there, you always find something fun to do. Laughter, adventure, and amazing photo ops will surround you on your visit.

If you’re looking for something to do this Fall, make sure to check out the Youth Farm Corn Maze.

Corn Maze Adventures at Youth Farm Corn Maze

Location: Rosthern – 6 Mennonite Nursing Home Road