My son and I have been going on corn maze adventures this season. Mazes are our jam, but we have yet to conquer a big corn maze.  After our trek through this particular one – we still have yet to conquer both corn mazes. The last time we went to the Youth Farm Corn Maze was actually for the Winter Edition snow maze. We made it through that one. This year, the Youth Farm is full of fun and if I could give one piece of advice it would be to do the maze first! We didn’t do it first, but we would have had more time if we had. Give yourself time. There is so much to do and we didn’t get everything done.

corn maze adventures

The photo was taken by a very kind stranger.

Our first stop was at the Jumbo Pillow. To be perfectly honest, I wish we had saved this one for a later activity because my son didn’t want to try anything else. He loved it. It was good we did it first because the rain came later and we wouldn’t have been able to bounce. It’s basically a big area to bounce and laugh and have fun. I bounced with my son until more kids came, and then I snuck off it because I was worried I’d be bounced off soon. Nothing could convince my son to change activities.

youth farm adventures

Our next stop (with the promise to return to the bouncy pillow) was the Pedal Karts. My son is a bit shorter but he was able to make it work. By his second lap, he had it all figured out and didn’t need help at all. He did three laps before we moved on to the next adventure.

The Rider Train was next. This is about a five-minute ride around the area. My son was going to take the ride by himself, but at the last minute, he asked for me to hop in with him. We took a bumpy ride around the community and enjoyed driving through parts that we wouldn’t usually see.

corn maze adventure

Our next grand adventure was the corn maze! They had two different options and we started with the Small Stalk Entrance. We made it through this one – slowly. We were encouraged by the sounds of the animals – calling us over for a visit.

Corn Maze Adventures

The animals are always the best part. Goats, rabbits, sheep, llamas and more. My son loved them all. We bought some feed when we arrived so we were guaranteed some love from all the sweet animals. When we walked into the barn somebody showed me how to open the rabbit gate so my son could go in and visit them. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention and my son almost got stuck with the rabbits. We found somebody to help, but I do think he might have enjoyed living with them.

Youth Farm Corn Maze has a games section. We stopped at this one for a Rubber Duck Race. It was yet another wonderful hit for my son. He could have spent all day trying to pump enough water to get the duck moving. I was watching the other kids come over and race one another as well. Everyone loved it.

corn maze adventures

We found another animal pen to visit. He stopped by to visit goats, but the rain was coming down pretty hard by then. The goats weren’t interested in spending time with us because they wanted to stay dry and we were getting pretty muddy. We had a couple more things to do even with the rain.

corn maze adventures

Is there anything more exciting than a potato launcher? This is the only thing that costs a little extra – we bought a wristband for everything else. We paid to shoot a few potatoes out of the launcher. My son did the first ones, but I made sure to take a turn as well. I’m not sure if either of us hit a target, but it was still pretty fun (and loud).

Our last stop of the day was the Crazy Cobbler Corn Maze. There were two of us and one umbrella. As we got more and more lost we got wetter and wetter.

corn maze adventures

After a very important discussion, we decided that an emergency exit still had the word exit in it. Was it cheating? Possibly. We were soaking wet and decided as long as we weren’t leaving out of the entrance it was still a win.

There were a few things we didn’t have time to try (and were too wet to try at the end of our day). They have an amazing climbing wall as well as a hay wagon ride. We didn’t make it back to the bouncing because of the rain. We will save those adventures for another day. It was a wonderful day and I love that one place has so much to do. We bought our wristbands in advance so it was such an easy day trip for us. If you’re looking for something to do this Fall, make sure to check out the Youth Farm Corn Maze.

Corn Maze Adventures at Youth Farm Corn Maze

Location: Rosthern – 6 Mennonite Nursing Home Road