Somebody recently suggested we try Hiking Eb’s Trails. We’ve been on a mission to find more hiking trails before it gets cold and snowy. Don’t get me wrong though – we’ll still be heading out when winter arrives. This particular trail is a hiking trail before the snowfalls. After the snow, it’s strictly for cross country skiing or snowshoeing. We will hopefully have a chance to go snowshoeing there in the winter. We went over the weekend, and even though the parking lot had a few cars in it, we were able to hike and not bother anybody with our loud noises. (My son’s loud noises.) Once again, our hiking partner was my sister.

Eb's Trail

The three hikers. By Erin McCrea

We printed out a map before getting there and it helped quite a bit. The trails are all marked as well. We chose a shorter trail but with a five-year-old that likes to take his time, it took us about two hours to take Lookout Ridge. He has his own camera and likes to take videos and photos (just like his mom). It was a bit long for his little legs, he was definitely asking for help at the end. We made it though!

Washrooms – Photo by Erin McCrea

I worry anytime we go on a hike that we won’t be able to find a washroom. Luckily they have one at the start of the hike. We were very happy to have the option before and after the hike. They are well maintained and close to an area to have fires.

Eb's Trails

Photo by Erin McCrea

If you love the smell of trees, this is the spot for you. It was wonderful. We were surrounded by nature, trails, and the wonderful smells of the trees. It was a beautiful day and I’m glad we got this hike in. Eb’s Trail is near Duck Lake. It’s about an hour from Saskatoon and well worth the drive.

Eb’s Trail – Photo by Erin McCrea

We had such a lovely day on the trails. We loved exploring the area and will for sure go back. We’ll try to get a few more hikes when the snow melts and we might try some snowshoes this year and have some winter adventures. I’m not an expert on hiking or winter activities but I’m always learning and I love finding new places to discover. Eb’s Trail had a different view around every corner and we all really enjoyed it.

Lookout Ridge – Photo by Erin McCrea

Photo by my son. Showing off his mom’s dance moves.

We had a blast exploring the new area and we can’t wait to visit again as well as check out other areas to hike.

My son got to practice his photography as well as do some exploring videos. To quote part of his video: “This is a video about our adventure. It’s about Me. Me me me me me me me.” As we continue our explorations, I’m sure his speaking points will improve as we find more places.

We will be continuing our outdoor fun outside even when the snow hits (I hear it’s heading our way today!)

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