We got to experience some fall beauty at Beaver Creek Conservation Area on the weekend. We haven’t been to Beaver Creek in a while and decided a visit before the snow falls was in order. I wish we had gone sooner when all the leaves were changing colours, but the Fall beauty at Beaver Creek was still there even with the empty trees. We always go with the intention to feed the chickadees but this time we made sure to wander down some paths we’ve never been on before. It was a bit chilly but we were having too much fun exploring to notice. The birdseed is given to you when you arrive – but a great tip is to bring a bag to carry it in. Especially when the days get colder so you can keep your hands warm and have the seeds safely put away.

fall beauty at beaver creek

Patience is key

My son is not quiet and he does not like to stay still. However, when it comes to feeding the chickadees, he does stay still. It’s taken a lot of practice but he’s finally figured it out. He still isn’t quiet. He sings “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee” at the top of his lungs. It turns out, his method works for him. I still try to stay quiet, but my sweet little kiddo still manages to get some birds feeding out of his hand while singing at the same time.


My son’s method doesn’t always work so I sometimes try to distance myself so I can feed a few. If I’m feeding them and he isn’t, he’ll sneak up next to me and put his hands next to mine. This time, he was pretty sure he could catch one and take it home. Unfortunately, his plans didn’t work. It didn’t stop him from trying, even after his mom and auntie told him we had to leave them at Beaver Creek. He had a plan and it didn’t quite work out. He still had fun singing to the birds and feeding them.

Fall Beaty at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek

After we were done feeding the chickadees we kept hiking. There were a few families around while we were feeding the chickadees but it started to thin out the more we explored. My son loves to adventure – he calls us adventurers – so he likes the transition from feeding the chickadees to walking the trails. If he sees any trail that looks like ‘off-roading’, he’ll head down it. Sometimes it leads us to a dead-end, and other times it leads us to some stunning scenery.

Beautiful Day at Beaver Creek

We have so much fun checking out the area but we also appreciated the benches. There are spots to sit down and appreciate the view while enjoying some snacks and water. It’s never too cold to eat.

Stairs for Adventure

Beaver Creek Views

We went down some stairs leading to another path for the first time – we can’t resist stairs! It brought us to spots we’ve not seen before and we were really happy with our last adventure before heading back to the car. This province and this place is truly beautiful and it was nice to have a moment to appreciate it.

Stunning Saskatchewan views

Loving our Fresh Air Adventure

I’d like to thank my sister for coming up with the idea and letting us come with her to make the trip a little less quiet for her.

Fall Beauty at Beaver Creek

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