Nuit Blanche Saskatoon is back! Join for a free, night-time arts festival that showcases and celebrates art and culture! This year, Nuit Blanche will span Broadway, Downtown, Riversdale and 33rd Street.
Overtaking multiple venues and city streets throughout Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods, Nuit Blanche Saskatoon features projections, sculptural installations, performance, music, theatre, and other forms of contemporary art that wow festival-goers late into the evening. The festival gives attendees of all ages a chance to enjoy and engage with Saskatoon’s thriving arts scene. It offers the unique experience of exploring Saskatoon’s public spaces late into the night in a safe and fun environment.

Here’s what’s happening in 2021:

Nuit Blanche Saskatoon

Broadway Area Installations

“Handmade Lilliputian” by Andrei Feheregyhazi
Location: The Magic Lantern Roxy Theatre | 320 20th St. W
Andrei Feheregyhazi

“Tasty Laser Delights” by The Cosmic Beat Chefs
Location: The Broadway Theatre | 715 Broadway Ave
The Cosmic Beat Chefs

Small Talk Opera by Evgenia Mikhaylova
Location: Production Lighting | 615 10th St
Evgenia Mikhaylova

Location: Venn Coffee Roasters Alley | 830 Dufferin Ave #10

Waiting in Line by Jesse Fulcher Gagnon
Location: Behind Una Pizza+Wine | 707 Broadway Ave
Jesse Fulcher Gagnon

“All that is Lost and Found” by Kaida Kobylka and Maya Candler
Location: Oskayak High School | 919 Broadway Ave
Kaida Kobylka and Maya Candler

12 Journals to Peace by Peace Akintade
Location: Little Stone Stage, in front of Victoria School | 639 Broadway Ave
Peace Akintade

Downtown Installations

A collection of Chokecherry Studio’s latest spoken word pieces performed live.
Location: Percise Parking Alley by Flint | 279 2 Ave S
Chokecherry Studios

DUETS – Would you Care to Dance by Free Flow Dance Theatre
Location: GUIDE Hair Salon | 413 Ave B S
Free Flow Dance Studio

“Stories from the River” by JASON SURKAN and SAM LOCK – OXBOW ARCHITECTURE
Location: On the River Landing Trail near the Pump House | River Landing

Watch or Bolt by John Graham and Shane Junop
Location: River Landing near the Victoria Bridge, past the Amphitheatre
John Graham and Shane Junop

A Moveable Forest by Karlie King BA, (2003); MA, (2006); PhD, (candidate 2006-2008)
Location: Walking up and down River Landing
Karlie King

“Supernatural • Nocturnal Parables” by Xiao Han, Marie Webster and Qiming Sun
Location: Second Cup Coffee Co. Courtyard | 128 21st St E
Xiao Han, Marie Webster and Qiming Sun

Breath by Monique Martin
Location: Midtown Parking (West Lot) | Auditorium Ave
Monique Martin

“Convictions” by Pantomacabre
Location: City Hall near the Clock Tower | 222 3rd Ave N

Touching Light by Richard Miller
Location: The Brute / Old STC Building | 50 23rd St E
Richard Miller

Riversdale Installations

“Dandelion Roots” by Janelle “ecoaborijanelle” Pewapsconias (iskwēw, s/her)
Location: Alley between Saigon Roll and Picaro | 311 Ave A South
Janelle “ecoaborijanelle” Pewapsconias

“Do I Feel Love?” by Hilarey Cowan
Location: Drift Saskatoon | 339 Ave A S
Hilarey Cowan

Balance by Jeff Meldrum
Location: PAVED Arts Event Space | 424 20th St W
Jeff Meldrum

I Choose to Deny Myself by Nicole Leroy
Location: Isinger Park | 236 Sonnenschein Way
Nicole Leroy

33rd Street Installations

Every Child Matters Collaborative Mural by April Doepker
Location: SCYAP | 402 33rd Street W
April Doepker

“The Tomato Patch” by Bonnie Baxter
Location: Ambros Shoe Repair | 419 33rd Street W
Bonnie Baxter

“Cryptid Crossing” by Cate Francis
Location: Mayfair Drugs | 504 33rd St W
Cate Francis

The Community Dance Stage will feature 5 different local dance studios.
Location: On the road between SCYAP and Fresh Co. | 33rd St and Ave D W
The Community Dance Stage

(Can’t See the) FOREST by Jane Everett
Location: The side of Spa Academy | 511 33rd St W
Jane Everett

“Werk Out” by Lucas Morneau
Location: Glitch | 510 33rd St W
Lucas Morneau 

Art Activity and Kits: Indspired Project 
Location: Location: SCYAP + Flag Shop | 309B 33rd Street W
The INDspired Project put together a pinback button making project at SCYAP, and take-home art kits and colouring sheets can be picked up at the Flag Shop.

Nuit Blanche Saskatoon

Date: September 25th, 2021
Time: 7 pm to 12 am