Our Community Association had its annual Playday in the Park last weekend. We have lived in our community for about 8 years but for various reasons we’ve been unable to make it to events. There have been a few Playday in the Park events but we finally made it to our first one. Community Associations all across Saskatoon hold these events (with different names) and it’s a great chance to meet new people, catch up with others and play! Ours was set up beside the school and playground so the kids could play games, sled or play on the playground.

Milk Jug Curling

Westview Heights Community Association had games spread out throughout the area. Parents could watch their kids play with their friends or do their activities with them. The milk jug curling was a great game for adults and kids.

Racing with my son

My son and I tried out some of the activities before he ditched me to play with his friend. It was a good reminder that he’s got a lot more energy and agility than I do. We had fun though and I enjoyed watching all the other kids and families race each other.

Four-Person Skiing

We really enjoyed trying out the big skis! It took a little learning and coordination but we figured it out. We made it from one side to the other and had a lot of fun trying.

A visit with Elsa and Anna.

The day included painting snow, beanbag throwing, a nature scavenger hunt and so much more. The sledding hill was right around the corner if kids brought sleds. The playground was full of playing children and our local park was full of chatter, laughter and friends. We also had a place to warm up, enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and grab a snack. There were more activities inside as well as a visit from everyone’s favourite sisters – Elsa and Anna!

We were lucky to have a beautiful day and spent more than three hours outside with our neighbours. I’m already looking forward to the next event and will continue to share as many community events around Saskatoon as possible. I encourage everybody to get out there for the events and playdates and to spend some time with your community.