Photo courtesy of Tourism Saskatoon

I’m normally a political fanatic, but I’ll be honest and confess that I know very little about civic politics!  Thankfully, something I heard on the radio last week made me go the extra mile and inform myself enough to vote in Wednesday’s Saskatoon Civic Election…  The comment was something to the effect that civic issues (unlike federal or provincial ones) are going to affect you tomorrow! The condition of your street, your garbage pick-up, the safety of Saskatoon’s streets, who is influencing your child’s education–these things will likely affect you directly within the next day, if not within the next few minutes! Get out there and vote, Saskatoon!!

Saskatoon Civic Election

When: October 26, 2016
Where do I vote?: This Online Poll Finder will tell you!
Who do I vote for?: It’s not too late to inform yourself with this Voter’s Guide!