We’ve been hunting for Halloween Displays in Saskatoon to discover amazingly decorated Halloween yards. I’m sharing the ones we’ve been to and the ones on our list to visit that others have recommended. This guide will have more added to it this year and every year as we find our favourite displays! We want to have a list as extensive as our Christmas Lights Displays in Saskatoon. Some of our finds include lights and fun and others are best appreciated in the daylight.

While we try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some locations may have changed or may not be ready yet.

Halloween Displays in Saskatoon

Westview Halloween Displays in Saskatoon

Halloween Displays Saskatoon

Richardson Road


Richardson Road (1900 Block) – There are two amazing yards to check out.

Byers Cres

Byers Crescent – Don’t forget to add these haunts to your list. We found three spine-chilling (but not really) Halloween set-ups.

Ross Crescent – Halloween night is the best time to visit this house when all the animatronics come out.

Hnatyshyn Avenue – There are two across from one another. One has a lot of spooky graves and the other has a GREAT BIG ghost floating in the air.

Hnatyshyn Avenue

Dundonald – Halloween Displays in Saskatoon

Kirkpatrick Crescent – You’ll find a few huge spiders, a web and a skeleton. This was definitely our favourite house of the night.

Kirkpatrick Cres

Kirkpatrick Crescent

Nutana – Halloween Displays in Saskatoon

University Drive – They have some fun ones to check out! Keep your eyes open for a HUGE cat!

Saskatchewan Crescent – It also has some good ones! The great part about this drive is the river on one side and the decorations on the other side and the beautiful houses!

Saskatchewan Cres


Brookhurst Crescent – I’ve heard this is a very spooky neighbourhood for a Halloween visit!

Beechwood Crescent – There’s an amazing house on this crescent! Make sure to add it to your list.

Briarwood Road and Bellmont Crescent: I’ve heard this will bring a smile to the kiddo’s faces! They’ve got everything from a skeleton having a bath to a garage decorated as a vampire’s mouth!

Haultain/Holliston/Brevoort Park

7th Ave E – Find the huge skeleton with 2 smaller skeletons on the roof! We will be searching the area to narrow down which neighbourhood you can find it in! We didn’t drive far enough to find this one yet, but we’ll keep looking for it!

Salisbury Drive – There’s a great house on Salisbury Drive! Make sure to add it to your spooky tour.


Pohorecky Cove – Photo from Colleen.

Pohorecky Cove – Check this one out for some Halloween fun! We’ve heard good things about it!


Arlington Ave – All the spooky Halloween love is here! You’ll find more than one cool display along this route.

Arlington Ave


Lynd Crescent – there’s a great Halloween display here.

Pringle Cres – Don’t forget to add this Crescent to your Halloween Exploring!

Galloway Road – Photo by Scott.

235 Galloway Road – Check out three yards worth of decorating with more coming. This house is taking donations for Breast Cancer and Movember with a QR code posted outside on the display for any one walking by.

LeValley Cove – This one is a must visit!

Halloween Displays Saskatoon

Pringle Cres


111th Street – Photo provided by Laura.

111th Street: We hear there’s an amazing one around here! You’ll find it right away! Look for the lights and fog.

River Heights

Kootenay Drive – We had a photo submitted through Instagram and it looks like a very scary visit!

Kootenay Drive – Photo by Jordan.

Nutana Park

Clinkskill Drive – 2600 block We know Clinskill is an amazing place to check out for Christmas! Now they’ve got a great house for Halloween as well!

Confederation Park

Blakeney Cres

Blakeney Cres – Don’t forget to check out the monster house on Blakeney Crescent. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Crescent as well! It’s quite a spooky street.

100 block Douglas Cres – Make sure to take a look at this spooky crescent.


Dagnone Lane – We’ve heard this one is SPOOKTACULAR.

Secord Way – Look for the giant skeleton and lots of spooky blow ups!

King George

11th St west between Avenue I and Avenue J – Make sure to check out the Halloween haunts at the house here.

Meadow Green

Appleby Drive – Find TWO awesome homes on Appleby Drive. They shouldn’t be missed.

East College Park

Photo by Richelle.

674 Guelph Crescent. This mother-and-daughter team has been doing different Halloween themes for the past 15 years.


Konihowski Road – Make sure to check this one out if you’re in the area.

Haslam Crescent – Add this awesome house to your list as well if you have the chance.

Find our spoo0000ooky list of Halloween Events here!

If you have a house to add, feel free to send an email to us.