I have been watching for things to do for St. Patrick’s Day fun in Saskatoon for the kids. I’ve got ideas for some events, activities, crafts and food! If all you have time for is green clothing, your kids will be happy but just in case we’ve got a few extra ideas. “Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you.”

Saskatoon Family-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Events

St. Patrick’s Day Family Supper and Prize Bingo Night

St. Martin’s is having a St. Patrick’s Day Family Supper & Prize Bingo Night! $20 per ticket or $50 per family. Tickets must be purchased in advance and tickets are limited.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun and Games at the Market

Bring the family to Saskatoon Farmer’s Market on St. Patrick’s Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for family fun & games.  Don’t forget to wear green!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Grab the family and go searching for all things GREEN! You can make your own or search for one on Pinterest!

Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Trap

We’ve reused ours for a few years. We’ve never caught one yet but have had a few notes from the sneaky guy.

Dance Party

Do your kids love dance parties? Find an Irish music playlist on Spotify and YouTube and practice some Irish Dancing.


Leprechaun Binoculars 

Can you spot the Leprechaun?

We use toilet paper rolls (they always save the day) to make our binoculars. They have a little extra magic on St. Paddy’s Day.

Other ideas:

Leprechaun masks, hats, beards and four-leaf clovers! The ideas are endless! Once again, Pinterest is our biggest go-to for ideas.

Green Clothes

Coming from Saskatchewan, it’s PRETTY easy to find some green clothes to celebrate the day! GO RUSH GO… or GO RIDERS GO! But there are plenty of options.

Hats, ties and more.

The options are endless. We tend to find a lot of our outfits at Dollarama but this time of year, you can find green anywhere.

St. Paddy’s Dog

Don’t forget the puppy’s like to participate too! (I don’t actually think this one did but he still posed.)


And of course, food. Green food, Irish food, St. Patrick’s Day themed food. It all works!

Pal’s Donuts

We had St. Patrick’s Day donuts one year. We got them from Pal’s Donuts. Saskatoon has many other amazing donut ideas for themed donuts: Do-Nut miss out on Saskatoon’s Best Doughnuts.

Green Milkshakes

Green Milkshakes are pretty easy. Just toss in some food colouring and your golden (OR GREEN!)

Green Eggs

I don’t get fancy with my St. Patrick’s Day meal prep. I use green milk for cereal and dye the eggs green. It’s usually a hit!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget some good ‘ol St Patrick’s Day jokes! When does a leprechaun cross the road? When it turns green!