We spent last Saturday at the Berry Barn for an afternoon of fun. If you head to the Berry Barn on a weekend, you will never run out of things to do. We spent our day with huge smiles enjoying it all. We celebrated Mother’s Day in this beautiful place. Here’s a little of our time spent in this absolutely gorgeous location. It’s got berry picking (when the season is right), a greenhouse, a restaurant, and so much more.

The Berry Barn Weekend Of Fun

We started the afternoon off by wandering the greenhouses.

berry barn activities

My mom, sister, and I love greenhouse visits, and this is an activity we can all do together. My son loves stopping to smell the flowers, but he does only last so long – just like my patience. This year, he had a lot of fun picking his own flowers to plant at home. We all picked some beautiful flowers for our yards.

After we filled the car with flowers, our next stop was all about my son. Just kidding. We all love the Petting Zoo!


We started with a pony ride. This is the first year that my son has had no fear. He waved at everybody as he rode by, and he was mad when he had to get off the pony. It’s definitely a hit for your little ones. It was well worth it for the joy in his face. I think he thought this part was better than the greenhouse.


He could have stayed there feeding the animals all day. He absolutely loved them. We did more than one activity, but he kept returning to the adorable animals.

The only thing that made him take a break from the petting zoo was something he has wanted to do for a very long time. The Berry Barn Pedal Go-Karts.


This is the first year his little legs have been able to reach the pedals, and they just barely reached this time. You can choose shorter and longer rides. We chose a short one which was definitely the best for him. He was able to do about 4-5 loops around the track, and he had so much fun. (And I got my exercise running after him!)

It’s hard to believe, but we still had more things to do after that. We tried something that we’ve never seen at The Berry Barn before.



The Berry Barn Train was a lot of fun for our little one. We got a quick ride up the road, and the train conductor told us about the Saskatoon Berry’s and some of The Berry Barn history.

One of the best things about The Berry Barn is the location. It’s gorgeous, and we always have to stop to check out the river.


It’s such a pretty place, and while the adults appreciate the view, there’s some sand a safe distance from the water that my son will always play in. Any place with sand and dirt is a winner for my kid.

There are also many spots around the area to pose for photos or sit and relax. A huge chair, a couple of big swinging benches, a cow and more.

And then there was the food. You can’t go wrong with the delightful meal at The Berry Barn. It doesn’t matter what you pick, it’s going to be fantastic. We saved the best for last.

The Berry Barn made our Mother’s Day weekend extra special. To be honest, they make every weekend extra special, and I cannot wait for our next visit. Many of these activities are offered on the weekend, make sure to follow them on Facebook for updates. The Berry Barn is always a great spot for a weekend of fun!

The Berry Barn

Attractions and Prices: www.berrybarn.ca/attractions
Location: 830 Valley Road