My son is the perfect age for playgrounds. I know from talking to other Saskatoon moms that we are not the only ones who love finding new ones. It’s our goal to get to as many amazing parks as we can this Spring and Summer. We’ve started with a really fun one at Gabriel Dumont Park. One of my favourite things about this park is the trails around it. If the playground gets to crowded for us, we can go for a walk or bike down the trails and see the river. Gabriel Dumont Park is named for one of the Métis leaders of the North-West Resistance.

gabriel dumont park

This park has three different areas for your kiddos to play. My son’s favourite is the wooden area in the middle. He calls it his lookout tower, and loves climbing up to the top.


It’s for sure one of the more unique structures in the city, and my son could spend all his time just running to the top of the amazing structure. We recently rediscovered it and he had so much fun climbing and exploring.


One of the best things about this park is how beautiful it is. While your kids play, you can take in the gorgeous surroundings. In my humble opinion, any place next to the river makes life better. After he finished his playtime, we went for an adventure along the paths. We stopped at the river and walked up by some bike paths as well. He loved all the jumps (even though he wasn’t on a bike!) Next time, I will bring him his bike as well as some sand toys.


gabriel dumont walk

We could spend all day on the trails, and I hope next time we get to go even further! We took our time on this walk, and played on some big rocks, played in the river, picked dandelions and small rocks for our collections.

sand at gabriel dumont

Every part of this park has a section that my son never wants to leave. It started with the playground, the big rocks, and then the sand. He could honestly just live there. We love sand and he’s always got some great imagination play when we’re playing by the water. (He doesn’t go in the river, but likes to play in the sand surrounding it.)

gabriel dumont park

Because this is in an actual park area they also have a bathroom stop for families. This is always a bonus for us. The playground was fantastic, but we did enjoy every part of our visit. It was a good playground to start our playground features, and I can’t wait to explore more beautiful spots. We’ve had so much fun already, and it’s going to be some amazing memories for both my son and me.

Gabriel Dumont Park also has a BBQ area, picnic tables, and a canoe launch.

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Gabriel Dumont Park

Where: 715 Saskatchewan Cres W