My sister, my son, and I went on another fantastic Saskatchewan adventure on the weekend and we chose the Youth Farm Corn Maze – Winter Edition. We wanted a challenge and something new. I knew my son would love it, and I’ve never been in a snow maze before. We conquered the snow maze. This is actually really important to note because we don’t always make it out. In fact, in the past few years, we do not have a lot of wins. It felt good to do the entire thing. This snow maze is pretty big. It goes both inside and out, and you occasionally get distracted by some adorable new farm friends.

To be perfectly honest the experience was a breath of fresh air. It was chilly air, but still wonderful none-the-less. We booked online, and they only allow a certain amount of people per hour so the whole thing felt safe. I got to watch my son laughing with joy as he wandered the maze, and I also laughed with joy as I met all the animals. With me, it’s pretty much guaranteed that animals will be the best part of my day. I think my sister enjoyed the games. They also had a fire put to stand next to and warm up if you needed. We had a blast. I would definitely do it again!


Ready to get lost in the maze.

We got there with enough time to take a look around before heading for the maze. We let the group before us get a head start so we could keep our distance. My son couldn’t wait to run in, and he has a tendency to run off in any direction so we have to keep up with him.


We had time to pose for one photo before we took off. I wanted to go right and he wanted to left. Spoiler alert, he was right. The way I wanted to go was a dead end.


The maze was made with extra little tunnels for the kids to detour. They are the perfect size for children, but definitely a bit small for adults. I’m on the shorter size so I was able to go once. My son could have spent most of the day just going through the short tunnel and he loved it.

corn maze winter edition

We did get a chance to go out of the snow maze and into the corn maze. It eventually led back to the snow maze, but I thought it was a fun addition to our adventure.


We found one area that had a tunnel in and a tunnel out. This was my son convincing my sister to crawl through. He was right to convince her because going in made us all smile!


We found a new friend in the secret snow room! There were two hanging out waiting for some love. I’ll be honest, this guy is now my best friend. I’m not sure what his name is, but we are best friends. We knew there was a petting zoo, but we were really excited to find out some of them were part of the snow maze.


As we walked (and sometimes ran) through the maze, I had to stop and take photos because I loved how cool it was. I can’t imagine making any mazes, but a snow maze is an incredible structure. We were all very impressed. I also loved how wide the pathways were. I sometimes feel claustrophobic in mazes. I didn’t in this one.

petting zoo

After we made our way out of the fantastic maze, we went to visit the rest of the animals. You can purchase food to feed them, and of course, they’re very excited to see if you have food. We didn’t have any, but they still posed for photos with us, and let us pet them. A goat did try to steal my son’s mitt, and that’s the story he’s been telling all week.

petting zoo

This guy wouldn’t come near me because I didn’t have food, but he did pop his head up for a photo. He was pretty adorable, and it was really fun to watch them!

An hour gave us time to go through the maze, meet all the animals, and play some games. My son and I ran through half of the maze one more time before we left. We all left feeling pretty great about the day. It was worth the drive.

We have all the information about the Youth Farm Corn Maze – Winter Edition and where to go posted in the events of our site: Get outside and Try Not to Get Lost in the Youth Farm Corn Maze Snow Edition. You can also book your visit online at