We headed out to Pike Lake last week after the cold snap for a Winter Adventure. It felt so good to get outside. We got fresh air and we finally were able to experience winter at Pike Lake.

We were glad to see all the things to do with Winter Fun in Pike Lake Park. It was still a little chilly when we got there, but we were bundled up and ready for an adventure.

We were excited to see everything, but I think we’ll have to go back for a second trip to see the rest of the wonderful winter activities. We will also make a point to go earlier next year. It’s a lot to do with a little one, but I know he will love to go back again. If you have your season pass from the summer, you can use it for a day entry to check out the winter activities.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to check out the ice on the lake. We didn’t skate this time, but my son still had a blast just sliding in his boots. It’s a circle cleared around the lake, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. We will definitely add it to the list to do again.

After we got off the ice, my son wanted to play on the playground equipment. It’s not exactly a winter activity, but he loves the park there, and we had all day. After two weeks stuck inside because of the cold, we were okay with letting him choose the activity. We were happy with any time spent outside.

Usually, when I go to Pike Lake in the Summer, we go to the beach and we play in the water. We don’t stray farther than fun in the sun at the beach. I will be honest, I didn’t know where the trails were located. It would be a lovely spot to camp. Somebody stopped and gave us some seeds to feed the chickadees, and I never say no to feeding the chickadees. My sister took her snowshoes down the path, and let my son try them out. We walked and chatted, and we fed the hungry chickadees. They landed in all of our hands. We walked until we realized we were cold and ready to go. We ended the day with the chickadees on a beautiful snowy trail. My son is loud and full of energy, but he knows to be still for the chickadees to eat out of his hands. We’ve had practice at other locations, and we will definitely feed them again here.

We didn’t get to do everything and we had a lot of exploring we still wanted to do, but my four-year-old was starting to expire, and we needed to head home. Crockicurl was something we’d like to try the next time we go. Unless Spring surprises us by coming early we should have time for one more visit. They have Crockicurl and fire pits available. It makes for a full day of activities and tons of Winter fun. It’s definitely worth the visit, and the best part about the area is when Winter ends, that means Summer is on its way! Pike Lake Park is perfect in any season!

Winter Adventure at Pike Lake:

Where: 32km southwest of Saskatoon on Highway 60
WebsitePike Lake Facebook Page