Indoor play areas are such a great resource to have when the weather is bad or the kids are antsy. I enjoy taking my kids to them because most have Wi-Fi these days so I can bring my laptop or join a friend for coffee and a chat while the children play in a safe place.


Since today was a day off of school for Remembrance Day, I brought the kids to Koko’s Activity Centre in Port Moody.

Koko’s is big, bright, fairly clean, and my kids love it. There is a huge play structure with a slide and 2 big tube slides, lots of token operated riding toys, a small carousel and a bit of room to run wild. There is also a café with reasonable prices and a nice loft viewing area for parents with comfy chairs and magazines. Oh and free Wi-Fi. Definitely a perk for me!

Koko's parents lounge

And although my little monkeys are too big for it, there is a spacious toddler area with padded with crash mats, small slides and lots of shaped cushions for kids under 3 to build with and climb over.

We had our son’s birthday party here in June in one of their 5 party rooms and all the kids enjoyed it. It’s a simple set up but it works.
During the summer, winter and spring breaks they have camps too which is great for local families.

Like most play places this is a socks mandatory facility, and for security, everyone gets a wristband and doors are secured so little people can’t open it themselves.


If I had any criticisms it would be the fact that the food service was a bit disorganized today and I wish there were a better set up for where to put your shoes and coats. There are benches lining the room with space to put your shoes under and some cubbies but there are no coat hooks that I saw.

The kids had a lovely time today at Koko’s and we’re sure to be back on another rainy day off.