We were camping at Cultus Lake Provincial Park a few weeks ago and we finally went to the Cultus Lake Waterpark. 3rd time was the charm as we’ve camped at Cultus twice before but never managed to leave enough time to go to the waterslides.

Cultus 0-60 Raceway

Verdict – It’s fun. Lots of fun! Or AWESOME as my 5 year old son repeated ALL. DAY. LONG!! He told us the slides were awesome about 50 times in three sentences… I’d call that a success.

Cultus Colossal Canyon

All of us had a great time, including my husband and our little girl who screamed all the way down the 3 slides we cajoled her into riding. Her younger brother, on the other hand, had to be dragged kicking screaming and unwillingly out of there. It’s hard to take pictures when you’re having so much fun, so I just wanted to make some general comments about the place.

  • It has a boutique, many food stands, a first aid station, hot tubs, lazy river and many many slides. The super cool ‘pirate ship’ climbing structure with slides was a big hit with the kids.
  • Children 8 years old or older and able to take care of themselves are allowed to go on the slides and in the water by themselves, otherwise kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times. As the slides don’t generally empty into water higher than thigh deep, strong swimming skills are not necessary but being comfortable in the water is a must.
  • Outside food is allowed, which is good! All that sliding makes one hungry!
  • You can rent umbrellas, cabanas, BBQ’s, towels and bathing shorts and more.
  • It was as clean as you can expect a huge outdoor facility with grassy areas to be.
  • Painted areas are slippery; use caution
  • Go early. Before noon the lines were significantly shorter than after lunch. Patience is a virtue here!
  • Or go late; twilight rates apply so you can save some money going later in the day.

Cultus Lake Waterpark may be pricey (our family of 4 was almost $100) but certainly a fun treat on a hot day! Summer is almost over so try it out before your kids go back to school!!

Cultus kids slides

Cultus pool