Improve Your Health & Well-being with OSIM uLove3

Are you interested in improving your health and well-being in 2023? Then you will love the OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair! If you’ve ever felt exhausted, burnt out, or stressed, you probably know how that manifests in your body. Your neck might feel stiff, it’s easier to pull a muscle doing
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Spring Break Camps in Metro Vancouver

When school takes a two-week break parents can’t always get that same amount of time off. Many kids are happiest enrolled in programs and activities, rather than sitting at home at loose ends. There are amazing camps being offered all over Metro Vancouver for Spring Break 2023. Check out Family
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Indoor Playgrounds in Metro Vancouver
Ultimate Guide to Indoor Play Places Around Metro Vancouver

Need an idea for an indoor play place? We’ve got you covered! Kids have a crazy amount of energy. That energy doesn’t disappear just because the skies have opened and the rain is gushing down. Let the kids have a great time playing & get those sillies worked out at
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1000 Hours Outside Challenge: But What If I Fail?

I’m not sure what inspired me to take the plunge and publicly declare that my family was taking on this challenge with our kids for 2023. Maybe it was the result of post-holiday cabin fever, or maybe it was because deep down I know that being outside is best for
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Happy Birthday! Get FREE Treats on Your Special Day

What’s better than having a birthday? Getting FREE treats to celebrate! Whether you are a kid or a parent, it’s always nice to be celebrated and receive something in your honour. Check out this massive list of FREE birthday treats you can get just because you turn one year older.
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$1200 RESP Contribution from the BC Government: Have You Applied?

Did you know that the BC Government is offering a $1200 RESP contribution to BC families? That’s right, fill out a form and boom, $1200 is added to your child’s RESP account. Of course, there are a few rules, and a form to complete, but to get $1200 for my
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Your Next Adventure
Your Next Adventure: Port Moody

I love exploring new areas and planning fun days for my family, but I hate planning an event too far ahead of time. I just never know when my kids are going to get sick, or when we will all wake up exhausted and want a relaxing day around home.
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Winter Farmers Markets
Fresh Veggies & Tasty Treats: Metro Vancouver Farmers Markets

Why do I feel instantly healthier when I visit a farmer’s market? While there are dozens of farmers’ markets to enjoy in the summer, a few hardy souls keep the markets going through the Fall and Winter as well. No matter what community you live in, there is a farmer’s
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Sick Again? Simple and Easy Activities for Sick-Day Relief

Is it just me, or is everyone sick right now? It seems you can’t scroll through social media without reading about another virus or illness sweeping through classrooms and childcare centers. My kids just got over another cold– there have been so many since September that I’ve completely lost track.
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Meadows Family Farm
Farm Fun at Meadows Family Farm

I love a good pumpkin patch. There’s a personal element to picking from a patch rather than a pile at the grocery store; you can compare for size, colour, shape, and I look forward to visiting a new farm each year. Fortunately, there are many pumpkin patches and farms to
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