My sweet tooth is my Achilles heel. There is no satisfying the cravings and I don’t possess the willpower (or desire) to cut sugar out of my life. You only live once, right?! Now candy found at the corner store holds little interest to me (except sour keys…oh, heavenly sour keys). However, add some charm, character and unique candy treasures and I’m throwing my credit card on the counter and bringing home more goodies than I should. In order to ensure I’m not alone in my sweet indulgences, I’ve rounded up a list of candy stores in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland. Enjoy!

Boutique Candy Stores in Metro Vancouver:


Karameller Candy Shop (online ordering only)
Now this is where fancy and candy meet. All of the candy is imported from Scandinavia. Even the name of the store is a reference to its Swedish roots as Karameller means hard candy.

Candy Kitchen (1689 Johnston Street, Granville Island)
The Candy Kitchen is a Granville Island institution. As I child I couldn’t visit without gobbling up a big hunk of peanut brittle. If Pez is your thing, you will love the Candy Kitchen as their supply of the hard candy in character-themed containers is unbeatable.

North Vancouver
Sugar & Co (online ordering)
If you are craving a truly magnificent homemade caramel, we recommend checking out Sugar & Co. You can order online or pick up from select distributors.

Candyland (3710 4151 Hazelbridge Way, in Aberdeen Centre)
You can stock up online or visit their store in Aberdeen Centre. Candyland is the perfect spot to stock up on Asian sweets and candies. You can qualify for a Candy Card (10% off future purchases) with an initial purchase of $20+.

Into Chocolate Candy and Confections (17449 Highway 10, Suite 127)
Charming location and delicious homemade fudge make Into Chocolate Candy and Confections a destination shop. You can find them located in both Cloverdale and Fort Langley.

Into Chocolate Candy and Confections (180 – 9220 Glover Road)
Known for their fresh fudge and chocolate creations, Into Chocolate Candy and Confections is a delight for the sweet tooth. Chocolate from around the world and oodles of sugary delights make decision-making a bit challenging.

Clayburn Village Store & Tea Shop (34810 Clayburn Road)
One side of this heritage building is a quaint British tea shop. An absolute favourite of ours to visit. The other side is a candy store like no others. As you wander the creaking floorboards and peer through the hundreds of glass jars, you know picking just a few treats to bring home is going to be a monumental task. The owners travel to England three times a year and delicious sweets follow them home every time.

Did we miss a candy store in your community? Please let me know and we will update our list. We are always looking for a new sweet shoppe to check out. Happy indulging!