Cavalia's Odysseo

Photo credit: Dan Harper

Cavalia brings together the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects in an unbelievable show.  Cavalia’s Odysseo features 65 horses and 48 artists in a massive theatrical production that sends hearts racing. This breathtaking ode to horse and man, imagined by one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil, is an absolute feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering the spectacular with soul.

The trainers work with murmurs and undetectable hand signals & touches to move the horses through the performance. A stand-out performance, for me, occurs in the first act. A tiny woman and nine horses. She is blond, the horses are white, the music is subtle, and the power of the horses is immense. During our show one performer fell from her horse during a trick. The woman bounced back up. It was fascinating for the audience to witness how the performer & trainer both waited for the horse to be ready to try the trick again. No one rushed the horse, when the he was ready the horse returned to the rider & the act was completed perfectly.

The most well-known act in Odysseo is the water at the end of the show. It’s infamy is well-deserved. But the horses aren’t the only stars of the show. In addition to equestrian-magic, audience members will enjoy haunting beautiful music & singing, drumming, out-of-this-world acrobatics & stunts. Some of the performers have massive springy-contraptions strapped to their feet. The height they can get, and the flips they can do, had my heart racing to my throat on more than one occasion. Apparently my 8 year old is asking Santa for a pair of the springy-shoes (um, mom may need to weigh in on that request!)

The show is mesmerizing and despite its nearly 3 hour duration flies by in what seems like minutes (there is a 30 minute intermission).

A few tips for planning your night at Odysseo:

– you need to pay for parking but can purchase your ticket inside the tents

– there are no booster seats for kids, so either fold up coats or offer up your laps

– the seats are not particularly comfortable (they are seats that travel with the show, so plushy cushions just aren’t going to happen). I recommend bringing something to sit on, even if you don’t need a boost for height

– there is a 30 minute intermission. Food is available for purchase. I really like the Fresh Stop stations by Save On Foods. Fresh sandwiches, fresh fruit & smoothie drinks. If you want popcorn, chips & cotton candy, that’s available too but I’m a big fan of the healthy food.

– there is a fantastic gift shop in the middle of the lobby. Be warned there are some very cute horse stuffies. The small ones are $25 each. I caved…horses followed each of my boys home

In light of the huge success Cavalia’s Odysseo is already receiving, additional performances have been added. The horses are now in town until March 5th.

Cavalia’s Odysseo:

When: January 29 – March 12, 2017
Time: 2:30pm & 7pm performances
Where: White Big Top at Olympic Village
Address: 299 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver

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