Dilly Dally Toys & Delights: A MUST-Visit Toy Store in Vancouver

“Toys that inspire exploration, thrilling adventures and tall tales. Toys that kids will cherish and remember fondly when they’re all grown up. Toys that will help them grow up a little more slowly and a little more fully. We love toys that help kids spread their roots deeply and stretch their minds far and wide.” – Dilly Dally Toys & Delights

Dilly Dally Toys & DelightsDilly Dally Toys & Delights is a truly magical toy store. The space is shockingly large given the fact it is on Commercial Drive. There is ample room to move around the store despite being packed full of treasures. Honestly, I could have spent HOURS inside the store and guarantee I still wouldn’t have discovered all of the magic tucked in there.

Dilly Dally Toys & Delights (aka Dilly Dally Kids) was started 8 years ago by Tyler and Claire. Together the two of them have gone out of their way to source wooden, natural, unique toys and gifts you won’t find elsewhere. Sure they have LEGO and Playmobil but their stock of those types of toys is minimal. That’s not their focus. Customers come to Dilly Dally Toys & Delights for a different type of gift. The type of gift that will withstand childhood and be passed along to future generations; toys that bring waves of nostalgia when re-discovered as an adult. They have utterly charming doll houses – but they aren’t the plastic mass-produced ones you can find at the big box stores – they are wooden, whimsical pieces of art that are unbelievably inviting to kids and guarantee hours of play. The treasures found within the four walls of Dilly Dally Toys & Delights will be played with endlessly and loved beyond measure.

Dilly Dally Toys & Delights

The primary focus of Dilly Dally Toys & Delights is ages 0 – 4. My boys and I had a wonderful time shopping for my niece and nephews (who all fit into that age range). From unique craft supplies (metallic pencil crayons, storytelling stamps, paint brush felts) to small toys (wooden cars and West Coast themed bath toys) we found gifts that will delight the young kids on Christmas morning. And while their focus is on younger kids, there are still plenty of goodies available for older kids. My boys (aged 7 & 9) particularly liked the Pocket Change display. A large table in the middle of the store packed with toys priced under $10. The Pocket Change section would be the perfect spot to create goody bags for birthday parties!

Dilly Dally Toys & DelightsI was especially impressed by the books available at Dilly Dally Kids. Their selection isn’t huge but it is impressive. Classics, new releases, award winners, I loved every single title I saw on their shelves. There is also a small clothing section of which many items are from local companies.

Dilly Dally Toys & Delights is continuing to grow their online business. Be sure to sign up for their e-newsletter as that is how you’ll learn about their annual September sale as well as their Boxing Day sale. You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

No matter where you live in Metro Vancouver a visit to Dilly Dally Toys & Delights is a must. There is no way you will be able to leave the store without a treasure – or many treasures – in your arms. And if you are awe-struck and can’t make a decision, just ask one of their friendly and helpful staff. I merely mentioned the age of the child I was shopping for and instantly had 5 great suggestions. I am looking forward to a return visit soon.

Dilly Dally Toys & Delights:

Hours: 10am – 6pm daily
Address1161 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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