Just in time for summer, Science World has launched their newest exhibit, Ultimate Dinosaurs. Sure we all know about T-Rex, stegasaurus, triceratops and other Northern Hemisphere dinosaurs, but do you know anything about the dinosaurs from south of the equator?

The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit is for designed to enthral visitors of all ages. The hands-on components keep the kids busy. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to touch a REAL dinosaur fossil? Nope it is not a cast model but the REAL deal! Every kid I witnessed during our visit was staring with fascination at the massive skeletons. The silence in the gallery was noticable. It wasn’t due to a lack of visitors, it was due entirely to the awe everyone felt seeing these creatures up close. While the kids were busy staring into microscopes, playing with the toy models, and completing their passports, the adults were busily reading the display panels. All of the information is presented in English and French. A number of the panels also incorporate Braille.

A super cool feature of the Ultimate Dinosaur exhibit is the augmented reality screens. Kids, and adults, can move iPad-like screens around in front of the skeletons. The screens turn the skeletons into flesh-covered, moving dinosaurs.

Dinosaur teeth at Science WorldI left the Ultimate Dinosaur exhibit with an enhanced and clarified understand of the continental drift and how that effected the dinosaur population and allowed for the diverse species found only in South America, Africa and Madagascar. Sure Giganotosaurs looks like T-Rex but a closer look at the teeth and bone structure shows clear adaptations. Science World’s exhibit also displays dinosaurs like none we’ve grown up learning about. Dinosaurs like Amargasaurus (with an incredible double row of neck spikes) and Nigersaurus (with a very blunt nose and teeth that would make a dentist smile).

For a limited time, White Spot is offering the Kids’ Dinosaur Pak (a version of the Pirate Pak). The $7.99 purchase comes with all the usual Pirate Pak items plus a coupon for one FREE child’s admission to Science World (when accompanied by a paying adult). And while the free pass will be great for parents, the kids will love that their chicken strips come in the shape of dinosaurs. Roar!

dinosaur collage #2We are fortunate that Science World has brought the Ultimate Dinosaur exhibit to Vancouver. Be sure to make visiting the dinos from the Southern Hemisphere part of your summer bucket list.

Dinosaurs Invade Science World:

When: on until September 7, 2015
Time: daily operating hours for Science World
Where: Science World
Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver