For 2022, the Vancouver Maritime Museum is offering up a number of virtual experiences for kids and their families. Be sure to register in advance.

Sailor Skills: Have you thought about what it would be like to live at sea? Sailors had unique lives of camaraderie, hard work and song. You’ll have fun learning about the skills a 19th-century sailor needed to keep everything ship-shape at sea.

Sailor’s Knot Craft: Next up is a lesson in one of most important skills for a sailor: tying knots. Sailors used many different knots in their work, and they used their knowledge of knots to make braceletsfor loved ones. Learn this sailor skill and have a bracelet you can keep or give to a friend.

There is no cost to take part in either of these events, you just need to pre-register. If you have questions or have difficulty signing up, please email

Family Day at the Vancouver Maritime Museum:

Date: February 21, 2022
Location: Zoom