The BC Farm Museum re-opened for the season on April 1st.  They remain open 7 days a week from April 1st until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.  You can find the BC Farm Museum in historic, and charming, Fort Langley.

My youngest and I had great fun exploring the many treasures inside the Museum’s two buildings.  Admission is FREE for the 6 & under crowd; adults are $6.

Due to the age of many of the pieces, much of the collection is intended for looking, not touching.  However, my 3 year old was perfectly happy not to touch because he got to ride one of the Museum’s 2 pedal tractors.  He navigated the entire main floor, of both buildings, on the Ford pedal tractor.

The folks who volunteer at the Museum are very helpful and keen to show off their collection.  A wonderful lady showed my son an old-school tomato sorter.  He had fun popping tomatoes into the various size bins.  We also watched an antique egg cleaner/sorter.  My son really enjoyed punching the keys on the Museum’s typewriter.

The BC Farm Museum hosts a number of special events throughout the year.  Their next event is All Things Horses on April 26th; admission will be by donation on that day.