We live in Vancouver. It rains. I shouldn’t be surprised when a downpour is predicted for Halloween night. But what about the costumes and the kids? Here are a few ideas to help keep the little ones dry while they seek candy from door to door.

Shower caps This idea is borrowed from our friends in uniform. I’m sure we’ve all been to a community event in the rain and seen a police officer looking oh-so-official with a shower cap over his or her police hat. It works brilliantly and due to the stretchy nature of the shower cap, it can cover all sorts of odd sizes.

Garbage bags No child wants their Halloween costume hidden under a garbage bag. So let’s all just come to terms with the fact that the costume is going to be drenched. I’m aiming to keep the kid dry rather than the costume. Tonight’s game plan is all about layering. The first layer is regular clothes, the second layer is garbage bags with armholes, and the final layer is the costume.

Rain pants Much like the garbage bag idea, rain pants underneath your child’s costume will help keep them dry and warm. Fortunately, most rain pants are made of thin material and won’t be impossible to slip under the costume.

Umbrellas If your child is going as Mary Poppins or a jellyfish you are set! However, the rest of the trick-or-treaters might need to navigate the streets hidden under an umbrella. If nothing else, grab a big golf umbrella and chauffeur the kids from door to door. This is how we all win “Best Parent of the Year” awards.

Extra socks and mitts While this may not keep the kids super dry, it will help them keep warm. As I’m sure everyone has experienced cold kids = grumpy kids. Layer them up with extra warmth so they have the energy and desire to ring just a few extra doorbells.

Ponchos If you have visited a tourist destination and been caught in a rainstorm you may have purchased one of the clear plastic rain ponchos. I have four from our visit to England. They loiter in the back of my car waiting for us to be caught, unprepared, in the rain. Tonight I have a purpose for those fashion disasters! We’ll be the ones in the National Trust ponchos.

Don’t forget that on nights with heavy rain it is even harder for motorists to see pedestrians. Please take flashlights or glow sticks on your trick-or-treating route. Stay safe, visible, and dry!

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