Is anyone else guilty of remembering the goodie bags at the very last moment? The birthday party is just days away, you have the venue booked, the food ordered, and you think you are in the clear. And then…ack! You remember the goodie bags. Now don’t rush out to your local dollar store and find boring garbage that no parent will appreciate following their child home from a party. Hop online and place an order with the Loot Bag Lady.

Whether you have a themed party, a specific age group you are accommodating, or literally no clue where to start, Kathy at Loot Bag Lady will put together a goodie bag your party-goers will love. Visit her site and you will see that she’s got goodie bags organized by boy, girl, gender-neutral (love this option!), as well as by age. So no matter which kids show for the party, the loot bag can be customized to delight any recipient.

And did you know that loot bags aren’t just for birthday parties?! Maybe you need a teacher gift, or are hosting a party for grown ups, or need a clever and thoughtful gift basket, Loot Bag Lady can help you out. Kathy also assembles wedding favours!

If you are like me and lack skill in the creativity department (seriously anything I put together could be done better by most kindergarten kids), then you will be thrilled with the goodie bags compiled by Loot Bag Lady. Have a look at the photo below, these are the goodie bags put together for my boys’ upcoming party. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a take-home treat that looks so fantastic?

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