Are you looking for a unique birthday party experience? Do you want to expose your kid and their buddies to a new sport? Project Climbing Cloverdale (in Surrey) is definitely worth booking for a birthday party. In fact, half way through my son’s party, he came over and said “Mom, can I have my party here again next year?”

Have you ever been able to host a birthday party for just $100? Well if you want 5 kids to get 1.5 hours of climbing, with an instructor, all it’s going to cost you is $100 (and that’s including GST). Seriously, that’s it. If you want to provide food, you can. There isn’t an in-house food service you are required to use, you can bring your own goodies. If you want more than 5 kids, each additional kid is only $19.

Project Climbing CloverdaleMy boys’ recently held their joint birthday party at Project Climbing. We had a wide range of ages (7-10 year olds) and everyone had a blast! Sure some kids could climb better, some kids were more confident, but all the kids tried and kept trying. A big reason for the success of the party was our instructor: Curtis. He is terrific with kids. He explained the rules in a fun way, he encouraged the kids, he celebrated their successes. Another key to the successful birthday was the structure of the party. The group starts off on a small section where everyone practices, one-at-a-time, a specific climbing path. Then the kids are given free-range over a larger space. Once the kids have tackled those climbs, Curtis took them off to a new section of the indoor gym. The new challenges kept the kids engaged. And just when the kids were getting tired, they were offered the opportunity to try the belaying wall. Well that fired them right back up and no one wanted to stop.

Now I’m sure this isn’t an allergy-based rule, but as a mom to an allergy-kid, I love Project Climbing’s rule that if you touch food you must go wash your hands. I’m sure it is to keep their walls clean, but I love knowing my anaphylactic kid isn’t going to run into any challenges. So while the kids did get hungry during the party, they just asked their parents to plop food into their mouths.

Project ClimbingProject Climbing provides two tables, chairs, and a table cloth for your party. You bring the food, the cake, the drinks, and the goodie bags. I have to say that the birthday party at Project Climbing was one of the easiest, and most low-stress, parties I’ve organized. I highly recommend Project Climbing if you are looking for an athletic-fuelled celebration.

Project Climbing:

Address: 119 – 17828 65A Avenue, Surrey
Phone: 778-571-1317