At the start of the summer we promised our boys we would make fairy gardens. My mom is an avid gardener; I dabble. I’d like my boys to at least know the difference between a weed and a plant. I’d like them to be able to grow their own food. I figured starting with a garden on a miniature scale was a great idea. The boys (aged 4 & 6 years) were completely on board.

As the start of school approaches, we realized the need to get the fairy gardens made. We started the morning by drawing up plans for our gardens. I know my boys, we if don’t have a plan the whole project will go sideways fast. As it was they were most keen to have 20+ cars, farm structures and plants jammed into their tiny gardens. Talking through a plan, even though they didn’t fully stick to it, helped manage expectations and ensure success.

Farm garden suppliesOur first stop took us to the dollar store. While the gardening store has tons of adorable fairy garden components, the items aren’t inexpensive. Since the boys had decided farm scenes were the way to go, I knew the dollar store could be a source of inexpensive tractors and farm animals.

Fairy GardenThe boys knew the gardening store had intriguing buildings. In an effort to manage expectations I told the boys I would purchase ONE building each at the gardening store. It was tough making the decision but the boys each picked a building that appealed to them. The fact the buildings have lights inside was an extra special bonus.

Next, it was time to pick the plants. Thankfully the store had the fairy garden plants grouped together. We didn’t want to purchase anything that was going to grow too large. We decided one tall tree, 3 medium height bushes and 2 ground covering plants was the way to go.

When we got home the boys grabbed scoops of rocks from their playhouse floor and the planting commenced. The boys had great fun charting the roads in their gardens and helping to arrange the plants. I took care of the planting and the rest was up to the 4-foot and under crew.

They have spent the entire morning re-arranging their gardens. Pathways have been changed, cars and vehicles are constantly re-positioned and little animals keep popping up in new locations. Who knew fairy, or rather farm, gardens could provide such an ongoing source of entertainment!

This was a great morning project and not ghastly expensive. The boys had fun using their imagination to create their farm gardens; it was a great way to fill a rainy day morning.