Did you know that Mt Seymour runs awesome eco-adventure summer camps? Every day is different, and every age group experiences a specifically created program but here is a general overview of what each age group can expect to get up to:Mt Seymour Summer Camps

Mt Seymour has put together three fascinating themes for their 2020 summer camps. The themes are available on an alternating schedule.

Survival Camp: Seymour Survival Camp will teach participants the basics of survival. Learn about edible plants, building shelters, bear hangs, compass navigation, signalling and much more. Come Friday it’s up to the campers to show they’ve acquired new skills and can SURVIVE the scenario created for them. Sounds thrilling and fun!

Mystery Quest Camp: Clues, unsolved puzzles, and intrigue. Ever wondered why its called Mystery Lake or Mystery Peak? Campers will be challenged to think outside of the box and get out there to explore the beautiful mountain terrain. By week’s end the campers will have needed to solve all the mysteries and crack the codes! Do you think your kid can handle it???

Junior Ecologist Camp: Is your child a true nature lover? If so the Mt Seymour Junior Ecologist Camp is for them. Spend a week gaining a deeper understanding of the natural environment. Look at the tiniest mountain critters to the largest rock formations found in the park. By the end of the week, campers will have developed a greater understanding, and affection, for the rugged terrain of Mt Seymour.

NEW for 2020! Sea to Sky Camp: Mt Seymour Eco Adventure camps is partnering with Ocean Ambassadors Canada for this new camp. This eco-conscious camp for ages 8-12. Ec-conscious campers (aged 8-12 years) split their time between the ocean and then mountain top. Some days are spent exploring the shoreline and tidal ecosystems on paddleboards; other days are at Mt Seymour taking part in the Junior Naturalist program which focuses on getting to know the mountain ecosystem through exploration and play. This camp is only available for two weeks.

The campers are divided up by age in the themed camps:

Trailblazers (ages 5-7) explore the mountain through games and structured free play. This age group might not travel quite as far as their older counterparts, but they have just as much fun! Trailblazers spend their days singing songs, listening to stories and recording all of the mountain sights and sounds in their journals (also known as their Adventure Logs). Your camper will learn a great deal about wildlife through educationally framed games and most likely build an awesome debris shelter “fort”. This age group explores the mountain’s closer network of Discovery trails and often climbs the short, but awesome, Dinkey Peak.

Forest Guardians (ages 8 and 9) are given the opportunity to learn and explore at a level not suited to the Trailblazers, but not quite as intense as the Mountain Rangers. The aim is to teach your camper to revere and respect the living world around them through games and discovery. At every turn the Mt Seymour camp leaders provide opportunities to practice newly learned skills such as how to use a compass or how to hang food safely from bears. A perennial favourite with this group is the hike to Mystery Lake, where “pondology” and the hunt for cool aquatic insects can last for hours.

Mountain Rangers (ages 10-12) go on longer treks than both the Trailblazers and Forest Guardians. The programming mixes hard skills like plant identification and shelter building, with age-appropriate games like Capture the Flag that are sure to keep your child engaged and entertained in outdoor learning. Depending on the interests of the group they might also learn knots and go much more in depth into navigation. Hikes for this age group include Dog Mountain, the North Shore Search and Rescue Cabin and (occasionally) even First Pump Peak!

Many parents wonder about the ration of camp leaders to campers. At Mt Seymour there are 14 children in a fully-booked group, with 2 instructors, meaning there is a 7:1 ratio. Frequently there are stellar volunteers who participate in the running of the camps as well. Please note that Mt Seymour runs multiple groups of both the Trailblazers and Forest Guardians each week, meaning your child may not necessarily be placed with a friend of the same age, unless they are notified in advance.

Now this is awesome! Not only does your child get a week of outdoor eco-adventures, all camp participants get a Mt Seymour water bottle and…wait for it… a 2020/21 Mt Seymour Child’s Season Pass so they can ski all winter long! How incredible is that?!

Mt Seymour Summer CampsWhen helping your camper pack for the day, here are the recommended items to send to the Mt Seymour Eco-Adventure Camp:

  • Whistle: attached to a backpack or a zipper is great
  • Sturdy Close-Toed Shoes: “broken in” hiking shoes, hiking boots or running shoes are best. Please no sandals or rubber boots (unless as back-up footwear).
  • Full Change of Clothes: and that includes socks and shoes. Please pack these in a separate bag to leave at camp throughout the week.
  • Sun Protection: brimmed hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a shirt that will cover shoulders are best.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Mt Seymour provides one to every camper this summer, but please do pack an extra (min 500ml).
  • Rain Gear and Warm Layers: a waterproof jacket is a must, and pants if you have them. Campers head outside rain or shine, and some mornings can take a while to heat up.
  • Plenty of Nut-Free Snacks and Healthy Lunch: Mt Seymour is a nut-safe/nut-aware program, so please help keep everyone as safe as possible. As a mom to a peanut-allergy kid, I am forever grateful for everyone’s support in keeping my kid breathing. Don’t forget lots of snacks. With all the fresh air and exercise the kids get hungrier than usual. Don’t feel like packing a lunch every day? You can add on a lunch (for just $35 for the entire week) to your child’s camp experience. The Mt Seymour cooks take the time to prepare wholesome bento meals with fresh ingredients and local produce. Adventures with special dietary needs are given individual attention and alternative food options.
  • Comfortable Backpack: the kids are responsible for carrying all of their own items (the ones listed above). Make sure the backpack they bring is one they can carry successful.
  • Medications: parents will be asked to complete a medical form. The kid’s are responsible for bringing the medications they require.
  • Optional items: insect repellant, a lightweight, long sleeved cotton t-shirt and pants, an inexpensive camera
  • Campers will have a cubby to store items for the duration of camp.
  • No electronic devices or external distractions such as iPod’s, portable games, trading cards, toys etc. Mt Seymour is encouraging technology free and commercial free nature immersion. Cell phones will stay at home base in the cubby.

Mt Seymour’s Eco-Adventure Summer Camps sound like an experience not to be missed! The spots will fill up quickly so hop online and sign up soon. You can register here.

In 2018 Mt Seymour introduced a fantastically convenient summer camp shuttle service from both East Van (Grandview Real Canadian Superstore Gas Bar, and two locations in North Vancouver (Real Canadian Superstore, and Parkgate Community Centre). The popular transportation service is back for 2019. The Mt Seymour summer camp shuttle bus saves you time, fuel (it’s a 24 km roundtrip drive from the bottom, twice a day!), and is the greenest option for all at only $55 (5-day camps) or $44 (4-day camps) for the week.

Mt Seymour Summer Camps:

Dates: July& August, 2020
Times: 9am – 4pm (excluding holidays)
Where: Mt Seymour Resort
Address: 1700 Mt Seymour Road, North Vancouver