A playground built into the side of a hill, now that is brilliant! The Queenston Park playground in Coquitlam (north of PoCo on Burke Mountain) opened on April 25th, 2015, and yet my kids still talk about this playground.

The playground is the best neighbourhood playground I’ve ever seen. If you’ve got kids with boundless energy get them running laps at Queenston Park Playground. Whoever thought of building a playground into the side of a hill was an utter genius!

Queenston Park PlaygroundWhile the park is small – it is, after all, just a neighbourhood park – there are 3 zones. First is the climbing structure for toddlers. The integrated picnic table, tucked under the climbing structure, is perfect for imaginary tea parties.

Queenston Park PlaygroundBesides the toddler area is a climbing structure that is good for kids 4+ years. It is perfect for little ones who aren’t quite ready to master the big playground, or for kids who are exhausted (yay!) from climbing up all those stairs to the top of the big slide. The mid-sized climbing apparatus has a great twisty slide, a simulated rock wall, and a contorted ladder.

And then there is the main attraction. Talk about pure physicality. There is one way down – the thrilling silver slide – and countless ways up. From stairs camouflaged into the side of the hill to wiggly ladders and rope netting the kids challenge themselves to scramble up to the top. A word of warning, the silver slide is unbelievably fast when wet. Bring a towel and wipe it down or be prepared to watch your child fly through the air! (I recommend leaving the track pants at home…my kid literally flew off the end of the slide…much to his delight!)

In addition to the playground, families can enjoy the basketball courts with integrated hockey nets. There are a few benches scattered around. But again, as this is a neighbourhood park, it isn’t designed for massive crowds. We always enjoy visiting later in the afternoon on a weekday. The playground is much quieter.

Families can also enjoy a lovely grassy area, perfect for picnics, at the top of the slide.  There are no water fountains or bathroom facilities, so please plan accordingly.

Queenston Park is located at 3415 Queenston Avenue (just north of David Avenue on Coast Meridian Road) in Coquitlam.

The makers of the Queenston Park playground, Habitat Systems Inc, have built oodles more playgrounds around the Lower Mainland. Want to know where? Check out our article about Playgrounds with Serious Wow Factor!