I’m heading out to the Fair at the PNE this afternoon with my family and our friends visiting from Calgary and I am super excited! I love fairs!

Last year, on our first visit to the Fair, we didn’t really plan anything; we wandered around, checked the layout of things, went on a few rides, played a few games and sampled the food. I don’t think we covered nearly everything they have to offer. I discovered the PNE’s website is great for getting organized. Click on the Plan Your Day link for PDF’s of the day’s calendar.

fair at pne calendar

This year we are on a mission; A 5 year mission (one might say) to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before…. Or at least where none of us have ever gone before; we’re heading straight for the exhibition of Star Trek memorabilia including the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and displays of original costumes, masks and ship models. It’s my husband’s mission to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair. 😉


And the Exhibits and Attractions link was also very helpful because now I know that there is more going on than Star Trek. He doesn’t know it yet, but my husband is also going to see the Canfors Playhouse Challenge and the Eco-Sculpture displays. 😉

The biggest downside for me, because we are going on a weekend, is the crowds. So I’ll let you in on a not-so-little secret; tomorrow, Monday August 20th, admission to the Fair is FREE from 9 am to noon!

If you’re planning on heading to the Fair, you should totally wait until tomorrow morning! It’s win-win; you save some money and there will hopefully be fewer people on the grounds today for me!