Let’s face it, a day at the PNE Fair can be costly for a family. First, there is the entrance fee, then ride tickets (if rides are your thing), kids begging for trinkets and sparkly light-up toys, and of course, the food.

But a day at the fair doesn’t have to be costly to be fun. In fact, there are TONS of ways to experience everything the PNE Fair has to offer while still staying well within your budget! The PNE Fair doesn’t allow outside food or beverages in, which means you will need to plan ahead a bit to avoid that mid-afternoon hanger meltdown.

This year, the PNE has unveiled a NEW¬† Taste of the Fair promotion. Select vendors are offering menu items for $10 or less– which is a great deal if you have a lot of hungry kids to feed or you like to try a little of everything. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of ways vendors participating in Taste of the Fair so you can plan your food stops ahead of time!

Taste of the Fair Participating Vendors:

Sweet Treats

Cheyenne Coffee: Fair days can be long and exhausting– give yourself a midday caffeine jolt with a Vanilla Cold Cream Brew for just $5.71.

Lickity Drippity: Looking for a sugar boost? You can’t go wrong with a delicious Oreo Shake served in a mason jar for $9.48.

Praguery: Don’t miss this Instagram-worthy cold treat! If you haven’t experienced a Praguery Sundae, you are truly missing out. This ice cream treat is wrapped in a fresh-baked chimney cake for the perfect mix of soft creamy inside and crunchy pastry exterior. $8.50 gets you a Praguery Ice Cream Sundae with a variety of topping options.

Rocky Point Ice Cream: Our favourite handcrafted ice cream returns to the Fair! On a hot day, an ice cream cone provides two things: a quick cool down and an afternoon snack! Grab a “Chicago Popcorn Icecream” for $5.24 and find a shady place to enjoy!

Summerland Soft Serve: Did someone say Pineapple Whip?! Grab a soft serve ice cream or a pineapple whip for just $6.67.

Slush Zone: Lactose intolerant? No problem! Cool down with one of the 6 Coco Cola flavours of slush for just $5.71.

The Little Donut Bakery: Indulge in a staple at the PNE Fair– the original mini donuts! For just $4, grab a Snack Size Mini Donuts.

West Family Fudge: Grab some old-fashioned fudge as a post-dinner treat! For $7.62, get a large chunk of Topped Caramel Apple. Yum!

Snacks & Meals

Aloha Poke: Fair food can be heavy, but this Aloha Poke is the perfect dose of fresh food! A rice or salad base, corn, pineapple and topped with mayo scallops make up this Mini Poke Bowl for $10.

Cazbas: Hummus and pita makes a great snack for any age, and is usually kid-approved! For $9, you can get a Truffles Hummus and Pita

Cheeky Italian: Feed the family for just $7! Choose from 3 different pizza flavours as part of the Taste of the Fair promotion. The flavours will rotate every 5 days.

Cheese Please: Kids love grilled cheese, and this affordable option is sure to be a hit with the young and young-at-heart. For $10, get The Pickler- two pieces of garlic bread, bacon bits, melted cheddar and cream cheese and dill pickles on top!

Curry in a Hurry: A PNE fan favourite returns this year with filling curries and delicious sides. For $7.62, you can get a slider and a side of masala fries, which is filling for a large snack or a small meal for kids.

Diggity Dog: $10 will snag you TWO Mini Coaster Dogs, complete with BBQ Sauce, queso cheese, green onions, bacon bits and hickory sticks. Yum!

Dim Sum Express: Grab a deep fried Garlic and Shrimp Spring Roll for $10— perfect for a grab-and-go snack!

Hot n’ Crispy: Chicken lovers will find a huge selection of fried chicken here, and budget-conscious families will love the chicken slider and waffle-cut fries for $10.

Jamaican Mi Juicy: Authentic Jamaican Irie Rolls for just $10 are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Japanese Teriyaki Express: If you’ve had Takoyaki before, you know how delicious these little balls of seafood are. Foodies looking for a delicious option can get this popular Japanese street food for just $9.

Jimmy’s Lunch: I have been eating at Jimmy’s Lunch for as far back as I can remember. It is the quintessential family-friendly vendor since 1929 with kid-approved staples and quick lines. Grab a Classic Hot Dog (smothered in fried onions) for $9.

Morgan’s Harbour: If you happened to catch Morgan’s Harbour at the Caribbean Festival or the Dumpling Festival this summer, you know how delicious (and filling) their Jamaican patties are! For just $7.99, you can get a Spicy Beef Jamaican Patty (meat pie). These are filling and so delicious, but might be a little spicy for little ones.

Mr. Pretzel: Pretzels are great. They give you a little carb boost, they aren’t messy (because …kids) and they are easy to eat while you walk. Grab a soft pretzel for $7.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck: Delectable melted cheese is the name of the game at this long-running food truck with every flavour combination of grilled cheese you can imagine. Grab a Quesabirria Grilled Cheese Half Sandwich for $10.

Reel Mac and Cheese: Always a hit with my kids, this kid-approved food truck has their Main Event mac and cheese available for $10.

Saltspring Noodle Bar: Vegetarians rejoice! Saltspring Noodle Bar is offering a taster-size Vegetarian Noodle Box for $10.

Smoothie Shoppe: The easiest way to get my kids to stop and eat is by giving them a smoothie– and for $7.62, you can get a small The Green Machine smoothie.

The Taco Tigre: Nothing says dinner like a couple of tacos! For $10, you get TWO Beef Brisket Pho Tacos.

Taco Nori: Tacos with a twist! Grab a unique California Nori Taco with sushi rice, cucumber, imitation crab and spicy wasabi for $10.

Twisted Potato Express: A family-friendly favourite returns to the PNE Fair! These potato hurricanes not only lool spectacular, but they are equally delicious. For $10, you can get a Double Ketchup Potato.

Tornado Potato: Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options abound at Tornado Potato! For $10, you can get a regular Tornado Potato.

Truckin’ BBQ: Fill up fast with this hearty poutine made with 12-hour smoked pulled pork on top of fries, gravy and cheese curds for just $10.

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