Who’s ready for a break? Can someone please just tap in and “adult” for me for a while? Parenting is tough. Parenting during COVID is like riding a roller coaster without the safety bar. Close your eyes and scream your head off, and hope the insanity comes to an end soon.

However, seeing as I don’t have a vaccine-producing lab in my basement, I’m looking for any and all shortcuts to make life a little easier during our shared global pandemic experience. Enter: Rocky Mountain Flatbread. We have always been a big fan of Rocky Mountain’s fresh, health, flavourful food. And now, the brilliant and empathetic owners, are making enjoying their food even easier.

On a blustery afternoon three wonderful packages filled with dinner (and fun treats) appeared on our doorstep. May I just tell you the relief I felt when I brought the boxes inside? I didn’t have to figure out dinner. I didn’t have to go grocery shopping. I didn’t have to come up with an activity to entertain my crew on a dark and stormy night. The 3 boxes from Rocky Mountain Flatbread solved all my evening challenges.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza KitMy kids were so ridiculously excited to get to make pizza at home. We make pizza at home on occasion, but it certainly isn’t as interactive or tasty as the dinner offerings from Rocky Mountain Flatbread. In the kids’ box there were 2 pizza doughs (in containers). A Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza Kit dinner is fun and interactive – the kids have to roll out their own pizza dough! We really appreciated the straightforward instructions: roll the dough, cook it in a dry, hot, flat pan, load on the toppings, put pan in a hot oven to melt the cheese and crisp up the top side of the dough. There really isn’t a way to mess this up.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza KitOur youngest stuck to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread toppings: delicious tomato sauce (pretty sure I can taste a wonderful Clamato flavouring in there), huge rounds of pepperoni, all the cheese (his brother doesn’t like cheese so the youngest took the cheese that was supposed to be shared between 2 pizzas), and he may have pinched some of the chorizo from the grown ups pizza kit. Our eldest embraced the “go crazy with extra toppings” suggestion. He loaded on the pepperoni and tomato sauce. He also used mango, truffle oil, and green onions. Yup, truffle oil on his pizza (it’s actually rather good).

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza KitMy husband and I followed the recipe to the letter. The adult-version of the make-at-home-pizza-kit is heaven on a plate: tasty tomato sauce, chorizo, fresh fior di latte (think fresh mozzarella crossed with ricotta), basil leaves, and fresh parmesan. Nothing like having gourmet pizza in the comfort of your own home.

The part I really loved about the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza Kit was that it gave our family a fun activity to do, together, at home. We did kibosh our kids’ desire to throw the pizza dough in the air. There’s only so much flour I can tolerate spread all over my kitchen. A rolling pin worked just fine; all of us realized we are rather incompetent at rolling circles. It wasn’t long before all four of us were sitting down to enjoy hot, crispy, flavourful pizza.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza KitWhile we gobbled up our pizzas with embarrassing vigour, the 2 chocolate brownies sent along with the Kids Pizza Kit went into the oven to warm up. While mom & dad didn’t get brownies, we did get a drool-worthy Cosmonaut Cocktail Kit. I love a good cocktail but I’m never organized enough to have the supplies to make them at home. My husband and I both highly recommend adding the Cosmonaut Cocktail Kit to your Rocky Mountain Flatbread order.

Take the night off from meal planning, and have a evening of family fun with the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza Kits.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Frying Pan Pizza Kit:

Website: www.rockymountainflatbread.ca