Keep the learning going, even when schools are closed, with Scholastic Learn at Home! They are posting four separate learning experiences every day, each built around a meaningful story or video. Families can do them together or kids can check it out on their own. Just find your grade level from K – 9 and let the learning begin!

At the time of writing this article, Scholastic had 3 weeks of lessons available. Below we’ve listed the lessons for week 1.

Pre K K Learning:

Day 1: Animal Studies – Rabbits
Day 2: Living Things – Plants
Day 3: Life Cycles – Animal Babies
Day 4: Earth and Space – The Moon
Day 5: Seasons – Spring

Grades 1 & 2:

Day 1: Animal Studies – Spiders
Day 2: Earth Science – Weather
Day 3: Physical Science – Sound and Music
Day 4: Social Studies – Communities
Day 5: Life Science – Bones

Grades 3 – 5:

Day 1: Meet a teen changing how the world views disabilities. Listen for whales near New York City. Travel to sizzling and freezing places. Hang out with sloths.
Day 2: Discover how scientists may have solved why zebras have stripes. Learn about the first US president. Read about a top secret robot who can do chores.
Day 3: Find out about how sea otters are bouncing back. Meeting an amazing domino art designer. Debate whether you prefer cats or dogs.
Day 4: Why are some kids eating burger bugs? Travel to places with wacky names. Meet the cat who inspired an invention.
Day 5: Look at the amazing journeys some kids take to get to school. Find out about a garbage-gobbling machine. See how the world looks to different animals.

Grades 6-9:

Day 1: Meet a teen changing how the world views disabilities. Check out how artists make clothes out of camouflage. What is the future of zoos? Discover how your favourite emoji was made.
Day 2: Tune in to the history of TV. Uncover the truth about a mysterious beast. Take a fun quiz to discover your personality type.
Day 3; Travel back in time to meet the Girl Hero of the American Revolution. Decode what your dog is thinking. Search for extraterrestrial life in a sci-fi story.
Day 4: Get a taste of the chemistry behind your favourite sweets. Are video games a sport? Read why one girl chooses a magical power.
Day 5: Break out of an island prison in Escape from Alcatraz. Explore the mysteries of how butterflies navigate. Discover your own superpowers.

Learn at Home With Scholastic:


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