The theatre curtains may be temporarily drawn but the passion for acting never goes dark. The world needs the arts. Never has that been made more apparent than during COVID. When the world shut down in March 2020 the arts community launched an impressive global outreach offering comfort, entertainment and joy. From famous actors reading children’s picture books to Andrew Lloyd Webber streaming his musicals for free, to Disney+ sharing Hamilton, the experts in entertainment provided much needed distractions for a world stuck at home.

Those actors and performers weren’t born fully-fledged entertainers. Many many hours, months, and years of rigorous training went into developing their skills. Individuals can absolutely be born with an innate affinity for performing but everyone needs guidance, direction, and tutelage from experts who have gone before them. Experts such as the instructors at Shoreline Studios.

Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps 2021The Studios’ 2021 Spring Break Camps focus on sparking imagination (all while ensuring a strict adherence to COVID restrictions). Shoreline Studios camps introduce participants to the realities of being a working film & TV actor. Instilling the company’s core values – compassion, courage & commitment – Shoreline Studios sets their students up to be successful & competent professional actors. Shoreline Studios fosters actors who are more than just actors by helping them build their confidence and find their individuality. Furthermore, what aspiring actor wouldn’t want to train with top-working local actors to gain practical and comprehensive experience?

Take a peak at just some of the real-life acting experiences your child will have in the Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps:

  • Scene Study – using scripts that reflect a young person’s experiences, participants will work through how to portray the character in a way that supports the story & sparks the actor’s soul
  • Voice, Body & Movement – there is a special magic that imbues trained actors’ performances. It comes from trusting their instincts. With awareness and balance of body, voice and movement, your child will hone those choices and learn to deliver them naturally.
  • Audition Etiquette & Technique on Camera – get over your camera fear and learn to work the room. Campers will learn to work with the camera, use effective eye-lines & suggest the character’s world without miming
  • Voice-Over – learn the skills to tell a tale with just your voice
  • Improvisation – it is rare for an actor to be completely alone. Students will hone their active listening skills, and learn to think on the fly and solve problems, as well as how to rely on a scene partner
Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps 2021

Please note these pictures were taken prior to COVID. All COVID procedures are being strictly followed at Shoreline Studios.

7 -9 Years Spring Break Camp

Date: March 15 – 19 (session 1); March 22 – 26 (session 2)
Time: 9am – 1pm
Cost: $352 + tax

10 – 12 Years Spring Break Camp

Date: March 15 – 19 (session 1); March 22 – 26 (session 2)
Time: 9am – 2pm
Cost: $440 + tax

13 – 15 Years Spring Break Camp

Date: March 15 – 19 (session 1); March 22 – 26 (session 2)
Time: 2:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $440 + tax

16 – 18 Years Spring Break Camp

Date: March 15 – 19 (session 1); March 22 – 26 (session 2)
Time: 2:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $440 + tax

There are options for savings if you are registering siblings or referring a friend. Please call Shoreline Studios at 604-874-9979. And if you can’t fit Spring Break Camps into your schedule, there are many after-school and weekend classes available. Find out more here.

Shoreline Studios wants parents to feel comfortable sending their children to Spring Break Camps. The studio has implemented strict COVID protocols including:

  • Small class sizes 6 students max.
  • All students are required to wear a mask and a face shield unless they are on camera.
  • Surfaces and door knobs are disinfected regularly

Please call Shoreline for a full list of their COVID protocols.

Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps:

Date: March 15 – 19 & March 22 – 26, 2021
Where: Shoreline Studios
Address: 1425 Charles Street, Vancouver