The Honeybee Centre at Frye’s Corner in Surrey is buzzing with excitement. They have just opened the delicious Frye’s Corner Beestro.

We have visited the Honeybee Centre, with our children, in the past. We love the educational experience! On our most recent visit we had the pleasure of meeting Beekeeper John. That man is the bee-whisperer. As he said “beekeepers move slowly but with confidence”. During his 20 or so minute presentation he had bees swarming around him, landing on his head and shoulders, and not once did he get stung (or at least he didn’t tell us he got stung). But, bees are gentle (unlike those nasty wasps and hornets). Give bees their space, let them make their honey, and they will leave you alone. Did you know that when a bee stings you it dies? Obviously stinging a predator is a last resort.

Beekeeper John had our group fascinated. He was a fount of information in all things bee-related. Boy bees don’t have stingers. Boy bees are larger. Worker bees live just 45 days. The Queen Bee can live 4-7 years. The Queen Bee lays, in excess, of 1500 eggs each day. The Queen Bee isn’t actually in charge of the hive, her daughters are. When the Queen Bee slows down her egg production, her daughters will identify a new Queen Bee. The two Queens are left to battle it out with, unsurprisingly, the younger one frequently winning. I feel ready to write a book report on bees; who knew they were so interesting?!

Honeybee Centre Collage

The educational experience is enough to warrant a drive out to Surrey’s Frye’s Corner (176th St and the Fraser Hwy). Now with the addition of the Beestro you don’t need to worry about hungry kiddos. The food we sampled was delicious. Please make sure you try their granola; I’ve already put in a request that they bag this up for purchase to bring home. The panini sandwiches were gobble-up-fast-good – big thumbs up for the veggie and chicken versions. Make sure you leave room for the honey-laden cheesecake. The kids’ menu is TERRIFIC! $4.99 for an entree (chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwich or peanut butter and honey sandwich) with a side (veggies & dip or apples with cinnamon honey yogurt dip).

Mark you calendars for July 25 & 26 – the annual Honeybee Festival – a FREE family-friendly event! In addition to bee tours, kid activities and delicious treats from Beestro, everyone can help name the new mascot!

Honeybee Centre:

When: Open 7 days a week
Time: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri) & 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun)
Where: Frye’s Corner (176th & the Fraser Hwy)
Address: 7480 – 176 Street, Surrey