Children are fascinated with horses; it’s rather surprising given the immense size of the equine creatures. Whether it is because children can sense the majority of horses are gentle giants, or they have developed a love of the majestic animals from movies and tv shows, there truly seems to be an other-worldly connection between horse and child. Unicorn Stables, recognizing the innate connection between young children and horses, invites kids aged 5 and up to take part in the Unicorn Stables Summer Camps.

The Unicorn Stables Summer Camps are week-long, half-day (9am – 12pm) camps. There is one week (July 25 – 29) where a full-day (9am – 3:30pm) is being offered. Participants in the Unicorn Summer Camps will learn about the day-to-day care of horses through stable management, acquire leadership skills, participate in daily lessons from certified coaches, and much more!

Unicorn Stables Summer CampsTips for ensuring a great camp experience with Unicorn Stables:

  • bring a water bottle and snack
  • dress in clothing that is stretchy and comfortable, long pants, not shorts are required when riding a horse
  • bring a bike helmet (the organizers do have some certified riding helmets which can be borrowed but to ensure every child has head protection please bring your child’s bike helmet as a back up option)
  • wear a shoe or boot that has a heel

Unicorn Stables Summer CampsThere are limited spaces still available in the Unicorn Stables Summer Camps so gallop on over to their website to get more information or send them an email ( to register!

Unicorn Stables Summer Camps:

Date: week-long camps July 4 – September 2, 2022
Times: 9am – 12pm
Location: Unicorn Stables
Address: 5095 125A Street, Surrey