Slip, Slide and Squeal with Glee at the Cultus Lake Water Park

Cultus Lake Water Park

Colossal Canyon

We have, unwittingly, deprived our children a quintessential Metro Vancouver childhood experience: a day at the Cultus Lake Water Park. Today we righted that wrong and I guarantee we will be back soon.

Our boys first fell in love with water slides at Great Wolf Lodge and for years they have been begging us to return. Little did I realize I could more than satisfy their passion for waterslides with a full day at the Cultus Lake Water Park. There is also a good chance that our day of fun only further cemented their love of waterslides and we will be spending a large portion of our summer at Cultus Lake Water Park.

Cultus Lake Water Park

Cultus Lake Water Park

Cultus Lake Water Park goes out of their way to make life easy for families:

  • Free life jackets greet visitors as they enter the park. If you have a child who isn’t 100% confident in the water, slap a red PFD on them.
  • Little kids can go down almost all of the slides WITH their parents (there are very helpful measurement guides at the base of every slide clearly explaining height requirements for sliding alone or sliding with a parent)
  • Be it wading pools, water spray parks, or an insane pirate-themed water-dumping jungle gym, there is ample entertainment for those either needing a break from sliding or kids who are a bit too young to partake in the big slides
  • You can rent anything you forgot: beach umbrella, BBQ, shorts, towel, and lounge chair
  • You can rent a locker to store all your valuables ($5 rental plus $5 deposit)
  • You can bring in your own food and drinks (as long as the drinks are in sealed containers and don’t contain alcohol). Alternatively you can bring in your own EMPTY water bottle and use one of the re-filling stations
  • If you want to skip dragging food with you there are a number of food venues on site: burgers, pizza, fish-n-chips, ice cream and more
  • Scattered throughout the water park are dozens upon dozens of picnic tables. The majority of them are under tents. The tents are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. I especially appreciated the fact that the tables are numbered. We were able to instruct our boys that if we got separated table 140 was our home base
Cultus Lake Water Park

Zero – 60 Raceway

Here are a few tips to help make your day at the Cultus Lake Water Park even more successful:

  • Put on the sunscreen at home (not only will it give the sunscreen time to soak in, you won’t be stuck trying to smear sunscreen a wiggly-excited kid at the base of a waterslide)
  • Arrive EARLY! The gates open at 10am and the crowds are very minimal until noon (at least that was the case on the Wednesday we visited)
  • If possible, visit mid-week. Fridays through Mondays are the busiest days
  • By arriving early you will have no trouble securing a covered picnic table. I highly recommend the tables at the base of the slides. They are in the middle of where you will be spending your day walking
  • Bring your own food; its a great way to save a few pennies. Gotta love a venue that actually helps families with expenses – and dietary restrictions – by allowing outside food.
  • Go on the slides that have the tubes/mats first. After you’ve had your fill on those rides move over to the body-sliding rides. The tube-rides get very busy as the day wears on, so it is best to take advantage of the short lines at the start of the day.
Cultus Lake Water Park

The Rattler

The 11 main slides vary greatly from one another and offer thrills to satisfy all types of daredevils. My 8 year old’s favourite ride was the Zero-60 Raceway (face-first down a massive bumpy slide racing against your friends and family). Our 6 year old thought the Rattler was awesome (this chicken-mama thought sliding down a completely enclosed and therefore pitch-black slide was madness). My husband loved the Radical Rapids. And my top pick was the Colossal Canyon (I loved that our whole family could go on a ride together).

The day we visited the temperatures soared to 36 degrees. And we were gleefully unaware of the ridiculous heat. The cool breeze off Cultus Lake combined with the refreshingly cool water from the slides, kept everyone in great spirits all day long. Before we even made it to the parking lot our kids were already peppering us with requests to return very soon. Guaranteed fun awaits families at the Cultus Lake Water Park.

Cultus Lake Water Park:

When: June 2 – September 3, 2018
Time: 10am – 6:30pm
Address: 4150 Columbia Valley Highway, Chilliwack
Phone: 604-858-7241

Cultus Lake Water Park

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