2021 update: Due to the pandemic, the Vancouver Aquarium is temporarily closed.

April 15, 2021: The long-term sustainability of the Vancouver Aquarium, and the affiliated Marine Mammal Rescue program, have been assured thanks to an agreement to transfer ownership to Herschend Enterprises! The new relationship ensures the continuation of the Aquarium’s 64-years of success as an animal care and animal rescue facility, a cherished educational venue, and one of BC’s top tourist and event destinations. Although the Aquarium doesn’t have a date yet, they are already working on a safe re-opening plan!

Spring Break at the Vancouver AquariumWith over 50,000 amazing aquatic creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium, what will you see today? Stop by and say hi to the adorable sea otters, or come see the mesmerizing jellyfish. Enjoy daily dolphin, shark and sea otter shows, as well as the free-roaming animals found in the popular Amazon gallery. And make sure to visit the Treasures of the BC Coast gallery to discover the unique and breath-taking animals that live in BC’s local waters, including the Pacific Octopus. Open every day, visit the Vancouver Aquarium website for more information.

Vancouver Aquarium:

Phone: (604) 659-3474
Email: visitorexperience@ocean.org
Address: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver BC (located in Stanley Park)
Website: www.vanaqua.org