March 13, 2020: Please note these events have been placed on permanent hold due to COVID-19.

Vancouver Canucks Home Game ScheduleDig out your white towel, find a blue & green jersey and hop on the bandwagon. Whether your blood is the colour of the Vancouver Canucks or you are a fair-weather fan, everyone can enjoy a good ol’ game of Canadiana hockey. The season is long and there are lots of home games, in fact there are 42 this year. Check out the line up for the 2019/20 season.

Home game schedule:

October 9: vs LA Kings
October 12: vs Pittsburg Penguins
October 15: vs Detroit Red Wings
October 25: vs Washington Capitals
October 28: vs Florida Panthers
November 5: vs St. Louis Blues
November 10: vs New Jersey Devils
November 12: vs Nashville Predators
November 14: vs Dallas Stars
November 16: vs Colorado Avalanche
December 1: vs Edmonton Oilers
December 3: vs Ottawa Senators
December 7: vs Buffalo Sabres
December 10: vs Toronto Maple Leafs
December 12: vs Carolina Hurricanes
December 17: vs Montreal Canadiens
December 19: vs Vegas Golden Knights
December 21: vs Pittsburg Penguins
December 23: vs Edmonton Oilers
December 28: vs LA Kings
January 2: vs Chicago Blackhawks
January 4: vs New York Rangers
January 16: vs Arizona Coyotes
January 18: vs San Jose Sharks
January 27: vs St. Louis Blues
February 8: vs Calgary Flames
February 10: vs Nashville Predators
February 12: vs Chicago Blackhawks
February 16: vs Anaheim Ducks
February 19: vs Minnesota Wild
February 22: vs Boston Bruins
March 4: vs Arizona Coyotes
March 6: vs Colorado Avalanche
March 8: vs Columbus Blue Jackets
March 10: vs New York Islanders
March 15: vs Winnipeg Jets
March 18: vs Tampa Bay Lightning
March 25: vs San Jose Sharks
March 27: vs Calgary Flames
March 28: vs Anaheim Ducks
April 4: vs Vegas Golden Knights

Vancouver Canucks Home Game Schedule:

Date: October 2, 2019 – April 4, 2020
Time: various start times
Where: Rogers Arena
Address: 800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver