Superb Toy Store: The Village Toy Shop in Port Moody

The Village Toy Shop in Port MoodyHave you been to The Village Toy Shop in Port Moody? If so, you know the brilliance of this store. If not, don’t wait any longer, you need to check it out! What an absolute treat: a toy store that carries unique items, educational toys and is staffed by incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and engaged people.

The Village Toy Shop opened in 2001 and was an immediate success. The store was originally owned by Kirsten Anderson, whose family owned The Granville Island Toy Company. In 2015, Teresa Johansson, took over the beloved toy store and has maintained the magic everyone associates with The Village Toy Shop. This is the type of toy store you see in the movies: quaint, charming, one-of-a-kind gifts you can’t wait to share with your child.

The Village Toy Shop

Despite the small footprint of the store, 3 play stations are available for the pint-sized shoppers. In the past my little guys have happily entertained themselves at the train table, car table and doll house for an entire hour. I’ve managed to get birthday presents purchased and a few Christmas presents purchased with my kids none-the-wiser. (I’ve decided that speaks volumes about the magical toy store and says nothing about my kids being unobservant.)

A terrific service offered by the Toyologists (that’s what the toy-experts at The Village Toy Shop are called) is Emergency Gift Buying. Give the store a call (604-949-0444), give them a budget and info about the recipient (age, gender, interests), and the store will have your gift wrapped in a gift bag, with tissue and ribbon, ready for pick up when you are able to pop in. How brilliant is that?!

The Village Toy Shop

Owner and Toyologist extraordinaire, Teresa Johansson

You want to make sure you sign up for The Village Toy Shop newsletter. There you will find out about sales including their annual 25% storewide sale!  Oh, and if you are a teacher, please speak up! Teachers and therapists receive a 10% discount year round.

The store is always packed to the gills with FANTASTIC toys, I can’t wait to go shopping this holiday season and see what festive treasures or must-have gifts are in stock for Christmas. Regardless of whether you live near Port Moody or not, you will be super pleased you made the drive. There is absolutely something (or many things) for every child at The Village Toy Shop.

The Village Toy Shop:

Hours: open 7 days a week 10am – 6pm (except Sundays 11am – 5pm)
Address: 262 Newport Drive, Port Moody
Phone: 604-949-0444

The Village Toy Shop in Port Moody


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