April 2013

Cirque Du Soleil has completely outdone itself again with their latest Calgary show, Amaluna.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite Cirque du Soleil show because they are all special in their own way but this one stands out for me as having that little extra je ne sais quoi.

I am a sucker for boy-meets-girl stories and both the main storyline and the silly clown side plot were oozing with romance. The story takes place on Amaluna, an island inhabited by women. Prospera, the queen of the island, creates a storm to shipwreck a boat to wash men ashore for her daughter to find a mate. Her daughter Miranda meets and falls in love with her very own Romeo. A theme of fearless females resonated throughout the entire show. Amaluna’s cast is comprised of 70% women and there are no damsels in distress but rather a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to the magnificent storyline, the imagery, costumes and music were spectacular. I have seen several Cirque du Soleil shows and this one by far had the most amazing costumes I’ve ever seen. My two favorites were the golden ball gowns worn by the Japanese unicyclists and the extraordinary peacocks. I audibly gasped when the strutting peacocks opened their massive tails to the audience. I read those tails span eight feet! A big part of Cirque du Soleil is the music. In most Cirque shows I would describe the music as breathy and ethereal. Fitting for the strong characters in Amaluna, the music was strong, edgy and rocky; the kind of music that gets your foot tapping while witnessing the amazing and impossible.

Speaking of the amazing, what about the acts? If you follow Amaluna chatter on Twitter #Amaluna there is not one unanimous favorite act. Everyone has their favorite, it’s impossible to pick the best. The death defying Chinese pole? The light-hearted juggling act? I think if I had to narrow it down to one, I loved the tightrope act. I loved the stylized characters and the impressive high heeled rope crossing. I can barely cross a street in heels that high let alone cross a rope! But who says you have to pick a favorite anyway?

This is definitely a show that will captivate your kids. This show is full of wonder and magic that makes adults feel like children again, and makes children believe that the impossible really is possible.

Amalua will be in Calgary until May 19th. For more information about the show and to puchase tickets, visit www.CirqueduSoleil.com.