Tobogganing Hills

Nothing beats the thrill of tobogganing on a crisp, sunny winter day in Calgary. There are plenty of great hills to choose from in the city to spend some free, quality outdoor time with your family. Here is our comprehensive list of where the best hills to go tobogganing in Calgary are!

Toboggan, Sled and Snow Tube (Family Fun Calgary)
Playing in the Snow: Best Places to Toboggan, Sled and Tube In & Around Calgary

Tobogganing, sledding, and snow tubing are fun and active outdoor winter pursuits that many families love to partake in. It’s a family activity that everyone can enjoy, whether you like a peaceful slide or you like the wind in your face. Here’s where to satisfy your need for speed on
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WinSport Tube Park (Family Fun Calgary)
Winter Fun for the Whole Family: Servus Tube Park at WinSport Offers All the Thrills and None of the Spills!

The wind in your hair, the thrill of the ride, and the warm experience of laughing together as you arrive at the bottom of the hill . . . comfortably! The Servus Tube Park at WinSport offers downhill excitement and winter fun, for any skill level and ability, all without
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Tobogganing is a fun, free and active winter pursuit. Please remember to take safety precautions when you go sledding, to prevent injuries to yourself or others. In addition, it’s important to know that Calgary has a bylaw that allows tobogganing/sledding only on the following 18 designated hills within the city. Sledding anywhere else within city limits is against the bylaw and could land you a $100 fine. Stay safe and have fun out there!

Tobogganing in Calgary: Royal Oak Hill (NW)

This popular tobogganing hill is tucked away in the northwest community of Royal Oak. It kind of looks like a big hill plopped in the middle of an even bigger field. Although the hill is completely surrounded by field, there is a designated sledding area that is clearly marked by
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Tobogganing in Calgary: Confederation Park (NW)

Confederation Park has got to be one of Calgary’s best places to go for a day of winter fun. The scenery in the park is breathtaking. A meandering stream runs though the park with quaint bridges sprinkled everywhere to cross from one side to the other. There is a cleared
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