Summer Camps

Alberta Educational Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Stop Summer Slide: Alberta Educational Centre Summer Camps

The Alberta Educational Centre is a Calgary-based registered training centre that is committed to high-quality educational opportunities for individuals, families, and communities. But they’re not talking only about the learning you can do in a classroom: they also offer summer camps for kids! Summer is a much-needed respite for kids.
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Golden Edge Skating Academy (Family Fun Calgary)
Cool Off With Golden Edge (Calgary North Edge) Skating Academy Summer Programs

What’s a kid to do in the summer when they want to keep cool, stay active, and have some fun? They go check out the summer skating programs at Golden Edge! Golden Edge Skating Academy, sanctioned with Calgary North Edge Skating Academy, offers summer programs at the 7 Chiefs Sportsplex
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Trellis Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Trellis Society Summer Camps: Fun From Superheroes to Dinosaurs

Solve a mystery, stomp along with the dinosaurs, or blast off with lively summer camps this year. Whether you need a safe place for your kids to go this summer, or you just want to give them a little fun and excitement after a crazy year, Trellis Society has summer
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My Gym South Calgary Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Moments That Matter: My Gym Summer Camps

Raise your hand if your kids need to burn some energy, get out of the house, and maybe even make some friends! After a year of adapting (and re-adapting), families are ready for a sunny outlook this summer and the kids could sure benefit from some fun, active recreation. My Gym
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National Music Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Music to My Ears: National Music Centre Summer Camps

The National Music Centre (NMC) is bringing you a summer jam-packed with musical delights! We all want to squeeze the best of life out of this summer and music is a joyful, interesting, engaging way to do that. Do you have a child who is interested in playing, listening, and
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MRU Conservatory (Family Fun Calgary)
Don’t Miss a Beat! MRU Conservatory Virtual Summer Lessons

Rhythm and tempo, structure and spontaneity. What does music mean to you? Finding meaning and satisfaction in life is important to building resiliency, adapting, and thriving, no matter what gets thrown at you. Music can be a wonderful tool for this, increasing our mental health and helping us cope with
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Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Unplug and Awaken a Sense of Awe at Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps

What do the kids need this summer? They need to get off technology: out of the virtual world and into the real world. They need to get outside and immerse themselves in nature. They need to make meaningful connections with other people. Reawaken your child’s curiosity about the world and
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Cardel Rec South Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Cardel Rec South Summer Camps: There’s One to Suit Every Child!

The kids need some excitement. Parents need a break. It’s time to embrace the best that summer has to offer this year, with a huge variety of FUN summer camps from Cardel Rec South! Are your kids interested in medicine, arts, sports, or coding? How about skating, photography, or training
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Green Fools Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
From Juggling to Aerials: Green Fools Theatre Summer Camps

Online school. In-person school. Events cancelled and events altered. Virtual playdates, birthdays, and activities. Do your kids need a break?! This summer is the perfect time for them to run away and join the circus! Green Fools Theatre is offering a series of circus camps this summer for aspiring performers, acrobats,
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Musica Academy Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Musica Academy Summer Camps: Where Potential Becomes Reality

With a little strumming and a little singing, some dancing and a whole lot of laughter, your child can have a wonderful time at summer camp this year. Musica Academy, Yamaha School of Music, knows that children of all ages are drawn to music and they have an amazing potential
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