Summer Camps

House of Wheels Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Add Some COOL to Your Summer With Action Sports at the House of Wheels Summer Camps

Does your kid need a boost of active fun in their summer? Of course, they do! For the first time, House of Wheels is hosting select summer camps in Calgary this year, so kids can have a great time, make like-minded friends, and learn some incredible skills! Kids will want to
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Calgary Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Calgary Summer Camps: Give Your Kids the Time of Their Lives This Summer!

Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends, and have new adventures. And after the year we’ve had – they deserve it! But moms and dads often don’t get as long a
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Calgary Spartans Track and Field Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Run, Jump, Throw — PLAY! Check Out Calgary Spartans Track and Field Summer Camp

When those active kids run out of those school doors this June, let them run right to an amazing summer! When school is out, it’s time to play, and it’s even better when kids can experience the satisfaction of learning new skills, challenging themselves, and making great summer memories. Calgary
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Alliance Française Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Alliance Française Summer Camps: Learning French and Embracing the Culture

You’ve probably heard of scientist, Louis Pasteur and author, Jules Verne. In 1883, they created an association with the goal of sharing the French language and culture. After more than a century, these ideals live on in more than 800 Alliances Françaises around the world, including Alliance Française Calgary! This network is
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Albert Tennis Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Alberta Tennis Centre Summer Camps: Nike Tennis Camp

Do you know what’s even better than your kids finding a sport they love? Finding a sport that’s easy and inexpensive to do in their recreational time! Playing tennis is a great way to get outside, stay active, and have fun during the warmer months, but it’s way more fun
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McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps: Play, Laugh, Stay Active

Summer holds endless possibilities for kids — playing outside, hanging out with friends, or discovering new passions. But sometimes, kids might get a little bored during the summer and some well-chosen summer camps add a spark of excitement to an already wonderful season! McKenzie Towne Council is hosting children’s summer camps
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NBC Camps Basketball (Family Fun Calgary)
NBC Camps: Get Serious About Basketball With These Summer Camps!

Do you have kids who are passionate about basketball? Well, this is the summer your child can get serious about their favourite sport, while building life skills that will benefit them in everything they do! NBC Camps will be in Calgary at numerous locations this summer with basketball day camps.
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Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Can Channel Their Inner Olympian With Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps

When I was a kid, the very best day of the whole school year was Track and Field Day. To be sure, some of that was the promise of ice cream, but there was something thrilling about multiple events taking place at the same time, the cheering at the races,
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Juvenescence Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Belonging, Acceptance, and Out-of-School Fun at Juvenescence Summer Camps!

Hey, parents! Are you looking for a place your child can play, explore their interests, and have a wonderful summer in a safe environment? Then you’re looking for Juvenescence Child Development Centre! Juvenescence has summer camps for school-age kids that are filled with creative activities, recreation, field trips, and new friends.
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Kids Coollege Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Coollege Summer Camps: School’s Done, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Where can your kids have fun this summer, meeting new friends, exploring, and having great adventures? Where can you find high-quality childcare for the summer at affordable prices? Kids and parents will find just what they need with the Kids Coollege Summer Camps! These creative, energetic camps give kids a
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