Summer Camps

Glenbow Ranch Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Nature is Calling! Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation Summer Camps

Summer is the time to head outside, stay active, and enjoy exploring different ways to learn! And if you’ve ever visited Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, you know it’s your perfect destination for these summer goals. Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation is hosting summer camps at Glenbow Ranch, giving children a chance
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Best Summer Camps in Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
Best Summer Camps in Calgary

Ahhh, summer. Those long, hazy, lazy days are so much fun! This is when kids have lots of free time to spend outdoors, play with friends, and have new adventures. But moms and dads often don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find
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The Beach YYC Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
The Beach YYC Summer Camps: Get Sandy This Summer!

Is there anything better than a day at the beach? Okay, so we don’t have that many beach options in Calgary, but your kids can enjoy a week (or more!) of camp at The Beach YYC! It’s a long drive to the ocean, but The Beach YYC summer camps offer
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Coded Minds Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Develop the Next Generation of Leaders with Coded Minds Summer Camps

What if your child’s summer could include real-world challenges, digital play, creative engagement, and fun with new friends? That’s what kids can expect from Coded Minds Summer Camps! These camps provide a variety of interactive experiences and new discoveries as they help develop the next generation of leaders. Coded Minds
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McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
McKenzie Towne Council Summer Camps: Play, Laugh, Stay Active

Summer is filled with everything kids love — playing outside, hanging out with friends, or discovering new passions. But sometimes, kids might get a little bored during the summer and some well-chosen summer camps will add a spark of excitement to an already awesome season! McKenzie Towne Council is hosting
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Epic Fencing Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
En Garde! Get Ready for Excitement with EPIC Fencing Summer Camps

From lightning-fast moves at the Olympics to playing in the backyard with wooden sticks, the sport of fencing inspires dreams of swordplay. Stay light on your feet, move quickly, and use your strength and flexibility to your advantage. If your child is curious about fencing and wants to try this
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The Big Box Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Play, Laugh, and ENJOY: The Big Box Family Entertainment Hub Summer Camps

We all look forward to summer and those warm, languid, lazy days. But as a parent, you know how those days of keeping the kids entertained can get old very quickly. There’s help coming! The camp directors at The Big Box – Family Entertainment Hub are planning engaging, fun-filled activities for
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House of Wheels Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Add Some COOL to Your Summer With Action Sports at the House of Wheels Summer Camps

Does your kid need a boost of active fun this summer? Of course, they do! House of Wheels is hosting select summer camps in Calgary this year, so kids can have a great time, make like-minded friends, and learn some incredible skills. No matter the weather, kids will want to
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Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps: Say YES to a Summer of Fun!

When you plan your summer with Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps in mind, you’re planning a summer of playing and learning, and a summer filled with adventure, discovery, and imagination. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore, to practice independence and decision-making skills, and to bond with new friends who like the
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Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Can Channel Their Inner Olympian With Calgary Track and Field Club Summer Camps

We know it as a classic summer Olympic discipline, but as a kid, I knew it as Track and Field Day, the very best day of the whole school year. To be sure, some of that was the promise of ice cream, but there was something thrilling about multiple events
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