Summer Camps

SSD Summer Camps Stryker Sports (Family Fun Calgary)
Get More Court Time with SSD Summer Camps

Summer is wonderful: sleeping in, eating all the snacks in the house, and hanging out with friends. But parents know that a little structure and activity over the summer can also be wonderful! SSD (Stryker Sports Development) offers basketball and volleyball summer camps to keep kids active and engaged. From
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Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Code Ninjas Summer Camps: Playing, Learning, and Fun With Technology

We love technology (when it works!) and so do our kids. Since our kids are growing up in a digital era, let’s make it for the best. Code Ninjas, with multiple locations in and around Calgary, can take your child’s love of technology and turn it into an exciting summer
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Good Times MultiSport Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Good Times MultiSport Summer Camps: Jump Into Summer Fun with These Active Days!

Do you dread the “I’m bored” chorus during the summer months? Do you struggle to find ways to engage your kids . . . without fighting about screen time? Or maybe your child just loves to stay busy and play. Your kids can jump into summer fun when you register
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KidStrong Camp (Family Fun Calgary)
KidStrong Summer Camps: Helping Kids Win at Life

When school is out, KidStrong Camps are in! KidStrong summer camps are created to help parents empower their kids to become the best they can be. We all want our kids to be healthy, smart, and resilient. Kids who have the tools to become strong, happy, and independent are the
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Polyglots Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Polyglots Summer Camps: Play, Learn, Excel!

What is a polyglot? It’s someone who can speak many languages. Of course, those who can speak multiple languages have a distinct advantage in today’s multicultural, cosmopolitan world! Childhood is the perfect time to be exposed to new languages, as they learn so quickly through play and daily life. You
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Best Summer Camps in Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
Find the Best Summer Camps in Calgary with Our Summer Camp Guide!

There’s nothing quite like those long, lazy days of summer! Playing outside, slurping popsicles, and going on adventures are the things that anchor a childhood.┬áBut parents usually don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend
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National Music Centre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Music to My Ears: National Music Centre Summer Camps

Long days and time off school make summer the perfect time to dive deep into new interests and well-loved pursuits. Do you have a child interested in playing, listening, and learning more about music? The National Music Centre (NMC) is offering a summer jam-packed with musical delights! You can encourage
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Clip Clop Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)
Clip Clop Summer Camps: For the Love of Horses, Fresh Air, and Summer Fun

Do you have a child who is fascinated by horses? What if you could give them a chance to pursue their passion for an amazing summer experience? It can be overwhelming for parents in the city to imagine how to get their young horse-lovers riding. But the experience of riding
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Code Ninjas 130th Ave Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Code Ninjas Summer Camps: Head to the 130th Ave SE Location For Exciting Coding Adventures!

When those kids come bursting out the school doors for summer, what are the plans? Maybe your kids want to just relax and play video games, but you want to prevent summer slide. You can have it both ways, with Code Ninjas (130th Ave) Summer Camps! Code Ninjas is just
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Storybook Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Kids Acting Up? Then Let Them Act Out at Storybook Theatre Summer Camps!

Is your living room a stage? With your kids as the players? Maybe your child walks into the kitchen with a flourish and your teen sings in the shower. Maybe your kids are just acting up! Either way, it sounds like a week at a summer theatre camp is just
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