There’s nothing quite like those long, lazy days of summer! Playing outside, slurping popsicles, and going on adventures are the things that anchor a childhood. But parents usually don’t get as long a break as our lucky kids, so we need to find safe and fun places for them to spend part of their time. Happily, there are many great options for Calgary summer camps. We know that a busy family life doesn’t leave a lot of free time to research summer camps, so we’re helping you find the BEST summer camps in Calgary with our Summer Camp Guide!

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)FEATURED: Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps

What do you think about a summer of playing and learning? A summer filled with adventure, discovery, and imagination? If that’s what your kids need this summer, just say yes to Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Summer Camps! These camps offer the perfect opportunity to explore, practice independence and decision-making skills, and bond with new friends who like the same things. It’s a chance to engage and energize kids, as they pursue their unique interests and discover new passions.

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Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Butterfield Acres Summer Camps

This summer, it’s time to go offline and get outside. Give your kids a week on the farm at Butterfield Acres’ summer camps for a summer to remember! Your little animal lovers or outdoor enthusiasts will love their time at Butterfield Acres; you’ll love all the fresh air they get and all the energy they use up on the farm!

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Calgary Canoe Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Canoe Club Summer Camps

Ready all, paddle! The best kind of summer is a summer spent on the water. When school lets out this year, your kids can stay active, learning new skills and making new friends, while enjoying a wonderful experience on the water! Calgary Canoe Club offers summer camps that teach the sport of paddling in a welcoming and positive environment.

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Fort Calgary Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Fort Calgary Summer Camps

Your child can embark on an adventure this summer, right in the heart of the city! Fort Calgary summer camps will feed your child’s curiosity and creativity with science, art, and nature. With six camps to choose from, kids can discover plants and animals or unleash their artistic inspirations. This summer is a time to explore!

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Heritage Park Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Heritage Park Summer Camps

This summer, send your kids back in time for a summer camp experience they will never forget. Heritage Park summer camps bring history to life with an educational adventure filled with pioneer play. Your kids will get back to the basics and gain a personal perspective on history. Plus, 127 acres of fresh air fun and space to play is a recipe for happy kids and easy bedtimes!

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MRU Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)MRU Summer Camps

Kids delight in play and they see the world as a place to discover. How do you keep that spark of curiosity and joy alive in your child? Take a look at MRU Camps! They know that kids need to keep ‘play’ close as they navigate their lives, becoming life-long learners who stay curious about the world. A safe and inclusive place for your kids to enjoy their summer, MRU Camps are also a delightful opportunity for children to learn, socialize, play, and have fun!

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Nini's Cooking Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Nini’s Cooking Class Summer Camps

What if your kids could learn real-life skills while having fun? This summer, your kids can learn how to cook and create delicious recipes as they have a blast in the kitchen! Nini’s Cooking Class offers summer camps that allow kids to learn basic cooking skills, get creative, and enjoy tasty meals and good times. When they bring these skills home to you at the end of the week, everyone wins!

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Pinnovate Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pinnovate Summer Camps

Add creativity to your child’s summer with Pinnovate DIY Studio summer art camps! If your kids love crafting, you know the chaos that can overtake your house. Instead of spending time and money gathering the many supplies you need for a craft project and then having all the clean-up at your house, check out Pinnovate. Kids can create something beautiful for an imaginative and creative summer.

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