Outdoor Pools

Riley Park (Family Fun Calgary)
Stay Cool in the Summer Heat at a City of Calgary Wading Pool!

On hot days, take the little ones to these outdoor wading pools in Calgary parks. […]

Outdoor Pools (Family Fun Calgary)
Get in the Swim of Cool Summer Fun at Calgary’s Outdoor Swimming Pools

When the summer is hot it is nice to cool off with a dip in an outdoor swimming pool. Here is a comprehensive list of the City of Calgary pools. […]

Sikome Lake (Family Fun Calgary)
Sikome Lake – The Beach is Back in Calgary!

Sikome Lake is a definite must-go family fun destination for the summer. It is a man-made lake located in Fish Creek Provincial Park in the south part of Calgary that is shallow and warm with a sandy bottom and a beach. There are change rooms, playgrounds, and concession stands. Bring
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Riley Park (Family Fun Calgary)
City of Calgary’s Riley Park Offers Something Fun for Everyone

July 2017 A 30+ degree heatwave blasted Calgary last week and it drove my family to find a place to cool down. Nothing beats an outdoor pool for kids in the summer and we love Riley Park. Riley Park has a humongous wading pool with an island in the centre,
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Bowview Pool in Calgary AB (Family Fun Calgary)
Swimming Lessons in Calgary’s Outdoor Pools

Did you know that many of Calgary’s outdoor pools offer summer swimming lessons? Outdoor swimming lessons? Yes, please! If you want to occupy your kids every morning for a week in the beautiful outdoors, check to┬ásee if the outdoor pool near you offers lessons. Visit the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool
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South Calgary Pool
Calgary Outdoor Pools: South Calgary Outdoor Pool

July 2012 My goal this summer is to slow down and really enjoy summer; to consciously look at it from the perspective of my children and try to do fun and different things we’ve never done before. And while it’s such an obvious activity and something I grew up doing
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Calgary Outdoor Pools: Bowview Outdoor Pool

July 2012 On another scorching hot day last week, the kids and I hit the Bowview Outdoor Swimming Pool to cool off. When you have two little water babies there is nothing better to do on a hot day than go for a swim outdoors. The Bowview Pool has two
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