Preschools & Childcare

Edelweiss Preparatory School (Family Fun Calgary)
Edelweiss Preparatory School: A Positive Beginning for Your Child’s Education

New routines, new friends, new challenges — how will your child manage? Heading off to school is an exciting time for families, but it can also feel uncertain and scary, for both kids and parents. How will your family navigate this big step? Edelweiss Preparatory School, in Calgary’s northwest, offers Preschool,
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Preschools (Family Fun Calgary)
ABC & 123: Your Calgary Preschool and Childcare Guide

Preschool is about making new friends, enjoying storytime, and playing games in the gym. It’s learning your ABCs and discovering the world through play. No matter where your child’s interests may be developing, preschool is an enjoyable step in their journey of life-long learning. Many childcare centres also offer preschool-type activities
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Trellis Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)
Trellis’ Ready, Set, Go! Preschool

What does preschool offer your child? Preschool is about making new friends and learning your ABCs. It’s discovering the world through play and enjoying storytime. Whether your child is timid or outgoing, quiet or energetic, preschool is an exciting time and a fun stage in their educational journey. Trellis’ Ready,
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Repsol Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)
Hands-On Learning With Active Living for Preschoolers at Repsol Sport Centre

Active living isn’t just for certain times of life or certain ages. Active living is a life choice that benefits everyone, all the time! Repsol Sport Centre makes it easy for you to incorporate the values of active living into your family with their NEW Active Living Programs for Preschoolers,
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