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Youth Singers of Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
Free Rehearsal Drop-In – SENIOR HI at Youth Singers of Calgary

SING DANCE ACT this year! Whether you’re new or experienced, Youth Singers can help build your skills and confidence. If you’re looking for an inclusive community to grow and express yourself through the performing arts, simply come as you are. If you’re in Grades 10-12, you can find a free
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Haunted Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
Freaky Frights at Haunted Calgary – Pandemic-Style!

Haunted Calgary is bringing you Halloween 2021 – the pandemic version! Head to the New Horizon Mall for this walk-through haunted attraction. Tickets are extremely limited, only available by online presale, and they’re already selling out at the time of writing, so buy yours soon! Buckle up and get ready
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Screamfest (Family Fun Calgary)
Be Afraid: ScreamFest Is Going to Terrify Calgarians This Halloween Season (PG-13)

ScreamFest is Canada’s largest and scariest Halloween event. At ScreamFest you will experience haunted houses, Halloween-themed carnival games, creepy and disturbing entertainment, and FEAR. Although they admit anyone, this event is rated PG-13 – it’s to really, really scare adults. This event is NOT recommended for young children or the
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Family-friendly Theatre Guide (Family Fun Calgary)
Bravo! Family-Friendly Theatre (& More!) in Calgary

Live theatre is a treat for all ages and your kids don’t need to grow up before they can start attending! Calgary has a wealth of options for a wonderful family night out. Some are relatively inexpensive and tickets to a special event like these make a wonderful gift. From
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Theatre Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
The Curtain is Rising on Another Season of Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary is a premier theatre company in Calgary, performing numerous shows every season. Primarily an adult theatre, there are some shows, such as A Christmas Carol, and anything that is advertised specifically as ‘for the whole family,’ that kids would enjoy. You would be the best judge of whether your
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Vertigo Theatre Logo (Family Fun Calgary)
Vertigo Theatre is Bringing Back the Mystery

Vertigo Theatre, located at the base of the Calgary Tower, is home to the BD&P Mystery Theatre Series, which began with Agatha Christie’s classic, The Mousetrap, and plays such classics as Sherlock Holmes. While likely not suitable for younger children (although every parent knows best for their kids!), many shows
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Bert Church Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)
The Bert Church Live Theatre in Airdrie – Family Entertainment Next Door

Bert Church Live Theatre is a fully equipped, live performing arts facility in Airdrie, only a short drive from Calgary. The facility seats 377 people and offers audiences an intimate opportunity to experience world-renowned performers. The charm of a small city venue that provides an up-close and personal experience, plus
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Cobb's Adventure Park (Family Fun Calgary)
From Littles to Adults: Cobb’s Adventure Park Has Fun for Everyone this Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it all the frightful, fall fun you can hope for! From pumpkins and costumes to treats and haunted houses, Halloween encompasses a wide variety of experiences. But not everyone appreciates the whole range of the holiday’s freaky factors. At Cobb’s Adventure Park, however,
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Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary (Family Fun Calgary)
Wild and Majestic: The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Did you know that even though huskies look similar to wolves, genetically they have more in common with a chihuahua? Did you know that wolves can go as long as two weeks without eating if they need to and are instinctually fearful of humans? And did you know that cows
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Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Offers More Than You Think

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has been bringing live music to Calgary audiences since 1955 when the Alberta Philharmonic and the Calgary Symphony merged together. Lauded for their expert versatility, they perform a wide range of music for all ages. They offer educational opportunities, and their home is the Jack Singer
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