Birthday Parties

Granary Road Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)
Granary Road Birthday Parties: Active Fun and Playful Memories

Fresh air and sunshine, epic playgrounds and adorable animals — can you think of a better way to spend a birthday?! If you have little kids, big kids, or anything in between, Granary Road birthday parties offer all the best of childhood fun. With a wide range of activities and
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Birthday Party Guide (Family Fun Calgary)
Balloons, Cake, Presents . . . and the Idea Guide to an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a highlight for kids, but they can be a lot of work for the parents! Between sorting out food and presents, it can be a challenge to come up with fun ideas your kids will love for a memorable birthday party. But you also want something that won’t
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Butterfield Acres' Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)
Animal Lovers Birthdays! Butterfield Acres Farm Birthday Parties Are Fun and Easy!

Have a little animal-lover in your life? A birthday is a perfect time to make them say, “AWWW!” Butterfield Acres Farm offers birthday parties at the farm . . . OR you can stay home, relax, and have the farm come to you! What’s even more fun than seeing your
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Birthday Treats (Family Fun Calgary)
Happy Birthday! Get FREE Treats on Your Special Day – Calgary Edition

Celebrating your birthday? Kids get so excited, but we grown-ups sometimes grumble; those mounting years can start to get a little concerning! But we’ve found a great way to keep the kids’ fun going and/or cheer you up on your special day – FREE STUFF! Read on to find out
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Teeny Wish (Family Fun Calgary)
Do You Love Sparkles, Decorations, and PARTIES? Check Out Teeny Wish Party Supplies

Life as a parent is inexpressibly busy and between all the mundane tasks, it’s sometimes difficult to make time to deal with all the little details for special occasions. But it’s easy to take your next special occasion or birthday party to the next level with Teeny Wish, an online
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Pinnovate Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)
Create Something Amazing at Your Pinnovate Birthday Party

What are your most important considerations when you’re planning a birthday party for your kids? I’m sure we all consider the budget, the most convenient time for the party, and even (sometimes especially?!) the social dynamics. But like many parents, two of my most basic considerations are whether my child
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Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)
Play Hard and Go Home Happy With Birthday Parties at InjaNation

November 2018 Sugar! Excitement! Energy! All the reasons kids love birthday parties are the reasons I approach them with great trepidation. Looking for something that everyone (including me) could love, we booked a birthday party at InjaNation, an epic, indoor “playground” for all ages. InjaNation has a variety of birthday
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Breathe Parkour Birthday (Family Fun Calgary)
Let Them Actually Climb the Walls With a Breathe Parkour Birthday Party

December 2017 I have a confession to make. I dread birthday parties. The decorating, the food, the happy little faces looking to me to see what amazing activities I have planned . . . I could definitely live without it. But the problem is this: I have 3 kids, and
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The Great Beads-on-Wheels Company | Face Painting and Beading Birthday Parties with Lucie Brouillard

January 2017 My seven-year-old daughter loves rainbows, believes in mermaids and on any given day can be found elbow deep in paints, glitter and imagination. In her spare time, she scours YouTube searching for magical potion recipes to transform her into a mermaid. Through many frustrated tears, I can tell
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Birthday parties at Breathe Parkour in Calgary AB will have the kids running up the walls! (Family Fun Calgary)
Climbing the Walls (Well, Running Up Them) is Part of the Fun at Breathe Parkour Birthday Parties!

June 2016 A few months ago, my son attended a friend’s birthday party at a gym I’d never heard of, which teaches a sport I’d only just barely heard of. He came home raving about the fantastic party and absolutely positive that he wanted to hold his own birthday party at Breathe Parkour
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