October 2008

My daughter has started using some of our slangy or poor grammar words and phrases (and she has also gotten quite demanding, as only a 3 year old girl can be). Referring to everyone as ‘you guys” whether they be man, woman, senior citizens or animals is really a silly habit that many of us are guilty of, but it’s funny from a three year old.

We took the kids to Southland Leisure Centre this evening, and Helen was just vibrating all day in anticipation. It made for a pleasant dinner because we had the great threat of “no pool” if she didn’t sit still, eat her dinner and chew with her mouth closed! She sang and ran around the house and generally acted like a maniac while we were gathering swimsuits and towels. Her enthusiasm got her brother all geed up too, even though he gets cold in the pool and generally acts like a koala bear baby while we are there.

So we pack up the kids in the truck and Helen starts telling us where to go; “Daddy, you have to go this way! We are going to the pool you guys!” And wouldn’t you know that she pointed in the correct direction too! Then of course, she demanded her music (Kaw-liga by Hank Williams Jr.) so she and Billy spent the drive singing off key in the back seat to old country songs… But that is another blog!

If you’ve never been there (or if it has been years) Southland recently underwent a renovation and it has convenient family change rooms now (although there is only one toilet in there which always seems to be in use…) and a really neat area with waterslides and sprayers, bridges etc. The kiddy pool is nice and warm, but I always find the main pool a little cool. It certainly is a nice facility – and it still has the best waves of any wave pool in the city IMHO. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Tuesday‘s are Terrific Tuesday’s and admission was half price!

October 28, 2008